help me!!!!

Aug 29, 2008
hi all

i finally bought my first ever LV pieces yesterday. got myself hampstead mm and alexandra wallet in damier. i really love both of them but on a second thought i dont really know whether i have made the right decision especially on the hampstead mm.:faint:

even yesterday when i was about to make up my mind on which on to get the SA put the trevi pm side by side with the hampstead mm. i was looking for a bag that i can use everyday (preferably shoulder bag) and the bag that i can put some of my boy stuff when we go out (he is 22 months old)-mainly 2/3 diapers, wipes, change of clothes, sports cup. i thought trevi is slightly small in size. even the SA said that trevi is kinda more formal look compared to hampstead mm which is more casual look for everyday use. and the price difference is about £200 between the two.

but today i have been thinking about it all over again. the thing that i like about trevi is because it has a zipper. i dont know know whether to change my hampstead to trevi pm or just keep the hampstead for just now in a hope to get trevi probably sometimes later (i am banned until 2009! :Push:smile: what about size in terms of capacity wise? which one holds more thing?

please all help me make my decision. should i or should i not??sorry for the long post :faint:


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
I have both bags - and if you are looking to use the bag to put some diapers and baby things in there, the Trevi PM will not have enough space. The Hammy, because it's expandable, definitely is better as a baby bag.


Sep 2, 2006
United States
i agree with ayla - the trevi would not make such a great baby bag. i'd stick with the hampstead. :yes:
Aug 29, 2008
thank you everyone for the replies. i suppose i can keep the hampstead for now and get the trevi later. i shall post the pics of my new babies later:yes: