help me!!!!

  1. hi girls, i'm an italian lv addicted... :smile:... 3 weeks ago i bought my first speedy 35 but now i am already thinking about my next purchase...
    i would like a
    speedy 25 for the vening (because the 35 is too big)
    a tulum gm
    a viviacité gm
    who has these bags?
    can you tell me about them...?
    which one do you suggest me?
    thank you very much
  2. I would personally suggest te Tulum GM. I saw a lady with one at the bowling alley a few weeks back and I looooved it. :smile:
  3. is the bag quite big?
  4. Yes, it is quite big.
  5. pretty big.
  6. I do not own any of those bags, but I love the speedy 25. It's a nice size for daytime or evening. And you can wear it with both casual and dressier outfits!
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