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Which one?

  1. Balenciaga City (medium)

  2. LV Speedy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. First of all, sorry for posting this twice, but I rambled a lot the first time and thought I'd make it short and sweet.

    I'm venturing on my first designer bag purchase in a few months, and here's my dilemma:

    Balenciaga City (medium)


    LV Speedy?

    PS Thanks melisande for your input already.
  2. What are you looking for it for, what's your personal style?
  3. They are 2 very different bags, what would use them for and when? Which LV speedy MC or Epi? Very different too.
  4. I'm 21, a student. I live in jeans of varying lengths, depending on the season. So, pretty casual all round. I wear colours - yellow, pink, green and blue mostly, with some brown and cream in the winter. What do you guys think?
  5. MC = Mongram Canvas, right? That's the one I was thinking of. Just for everyday use - I'm one of those people who plays with a new toy til it breaks, so it'll be spending a lot of time on my arm.
  6. LMBO over your signature english girl!! I adore LV but I actually think that you should get the Balenciaga first seems like a nice fit from what you've disclosed about yourself, you know you'll probably end up with both eventually! Let us know!
  7. is it possible to post pics of what you are comparing :shame:
  8. :lol: Thanks - its so me!

    And you're totally right about ending up with both - I'm almost sure I will. Just have to magic up the money.:amuse:
  9. Agree with BagLovingMom, Balenciaga sounds more fitted to you and it looks younger and funkier. Go for it!
  10. Hi again. Replied to your other post, and have also voted (for Balenciaga) here! Here's to getting both of these bags, however!
  11. Sure - sorry. Should have thought.:wacko:



    The Balenciaga might not be in that colour (love it if it was tho'), but that's the size.
  12. Balenciaga of course!! :nuts:
    my GOD that color is smashing beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful!! i never saw pics of Balenciaga in that color!! what its called?:love:
  13. Origan. Loganz has the twiggy in that colour - check out her thread in the Bag Showcase section - its stunning. Plus, green is my favourite colour. ;).
  14. i think the balenciaga is a great bag, i really want the city size myself as well (i've got a classique) and i think it's more versatile than the speedy, although the speedy is known for versatility as well....

    the balenciaga is prettier!
  15. balenciaga gets my vote - and I have that color, it is called origan and it is smashing. :love: