Help me?

Which one?

  • Balenciaga City (medium)

  • LV Speedy

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Oct 24, 2005
First of all, sorry for posting this twice, but I rambled a lot the first time and thought I'd make it short and sweet.

I'm venturing on my first designer bag purchase in a few months, and here's my dilemma:

Balenciaga City (medium)


LV Speedy?

PS Thanks melisande for your input already.
I'm 21, a student. I live in jeans of varying lengths, depending on the season. So, pretty casual all round. I wear colours - yellow, pink, green and blue mostly, with some brown and cream in the winter. What do you guys think?
MC = Mongram Canvas, right? That's the one I was thinking of. Just for everyday use - I'm one of those people who plays with a new toy til it breaks, so it'll be spending a lot of time on my arm.
LMBO over your signature english girl!! I adore LV but I actually think that you should get the Balenciaga first seems like a nice fit from what you've disclosed about yourself, you know you'll probably end up with both eventually! Let us know!
i think the balenciaga is a great bag, i really want the city size myself as well (i've got a classique) and i think it's more versatile than the speedy, although the speedy is known for versatility as well....

the balenciaga is prettier!