Help me~~~~~

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  1. I'm a 5'11" 180lb guy,
    and I reeeeealy want/need a handbag,
    I spotted this bag, Stanislav in Taiga, but there's just no way I can drop 1.8k right now...
    I'm looking for something that's in Taiga, Epi, or anything that's not damier or monogram...
    any suggestions?

    p.s: my price range is 800~1200.
  2. oohh Taiga is nice...sorry not of much help..sometimes it is more worth it to save for the model you want rather than choose sth else and than still think about the Taiga..Hope some guys can help you out;)
  3. i agree with Crazy Bag, just save up some more and get the one you really love :yes: i think the Stanislav is an excellent choice :tup:
  4. What about buying second hand ? You can always ask a reputable reseller like let-trade and give him your budget.