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  3. That's a cute wallet, sort of reminds me of a Western wallet for some reason. I would only buy it if I had the matching bag as it is quite very unique.
  4. Hmmm....I like the legacy stripe but I am afraid that the material is too delicate for a wallet going in and out of your bag. I would be scared of it snagging. I would choose the bleeker.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. Legacy fabric=too delicate. Get the little fancy one.
  6. New here . . . been lurking for quite some time . . . but just wanted to say that I LOVE the wallet with the leaf pattern! Can't wait to find out which one you choose.
  7. I think they both are really cute.. post pics when you decide!!
  8. i would choose the legacy!
    from looking at the bags in your signature, they're all more neutral colors.
    the legacy stripe will definitley add a nice pop of colour! :tup:
  9. I love the Legacy--the Mandy I have has the Legacy lining and I love looking at the color when I open my bag, lol! They are both great wallets, but I Have a soft spot for the legacy!

  10. They are both nice. I guess it depends on how big of a wallet you like. I like the small ones, but realistically I never use them. I end up wondering why I even thought I would use it. So if it were me, I would get the legacy.

  11. I have been using the Legacy stripe (smaller size) wallet as an everyday wallet for about 4 months now. It has been in and out of all my different handbags....since it goes with just about all of them. So far...not a snag or a stain. The gold still looks new. I am not too terribly hard on wallets but, I don't baby them either. Frankly, I was quite surprised at how well this wallet has held up. I really love this wallet!!!:heart: Just wanted to add my 2 1/2 cents!!!!:yes:
  12. I don't like the first one at all so I guess I would take the 2nd one. :shrugs:
  13. Hard decision!! I love them both... but I'm so in love with the legacy stripes. It's more delicate, but it's just so pretty!! I would get the first one if you want something more durable though.
  14. One word
  15. I prefer the Legacy wallet over the other one. Whatever you choose, I am sure it will be perfect for your needs!