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  1. I have dry skin, just saw the Dr. on yesterday for Adult Acne.
    I would like to know what products you ladies with dry skin love.

    The Dr. gave me Diffrin for the acne, now what to I do? :shame:
  2. I use the 3-step Proactiv Solution kit, but use the healing lotion only in areas that are oily and acne-prone. For a pre-acne treatment cleanser, try Cetaphil, then use Proactiv. So, here's my idea:
    1. Preclean face with moisturizing Cetaphil
    2. Use Proactive cleanser, focusing most cleaning on acne areas
    3. Use Proactiv toner
    4. Use an oil-free, light moisturizer like Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Gel (comes in a jar) on dry areas where there is no acne-- plus this stuff helps to lighten up discolorations due to acne scars and sun damage
    5. Use the Proactiv acne lotion in all other spots
    6. Follow up with a little eye cream or any other areas that are getting fine lines-- use a little only where you need it!
    Sounds complicated, but this is what I do every night (minus the Cetaphil-- I use the Shiseido White Lucent cleansing Foam to get rid of makeup since my skin is combination).
    Hope this helps!
  3. I have tried Differin, but I do have to say that Proactiv is the only thing on my shelf now too. Atleast for me, it's the only one that works. I don't use it every day because I have heard that skin develops a tolerance for benzoyl peroxide which is the active ingredient.

    I have a procedure like Vuittonhammie, but I use the clarisonic first to precleanse and then use the proactiv. I also use Roche Posay lotion on my skin at night and Eminence Stone Fruit gel during the day. Hope this helps.
  4. I have very dry skin, and am using a cream from Kiehl's that I love. I believe it is the centella skin salve. It is supposed to be used for irritated skin...but I just use it all the time as my moisturizer, and it is perfect!!!
  5. i use aveeno skin relief bodywash exclusively for face and body. it is recommended for dry itchy skin. instead of a lotion or cream i use cetaphil skin cleanser as a moisturizer since it softens and moisterizes well and i have some problems with breakouts. good luck! queen
  6. I have very dry skin too & I too get breakouts (hate it...arent we all).

    Here's what I use daily:
    I use Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser & Aloe Lotion. The cleanser is really non-drying...its got aloe vera, chamomile & thyme extract which softens, heals & exfoliate skin w/out drying. I then follow it with the Aloe lotion & end it up with Lancome's BienfaitMulti-Vital SPF30 moisturizing cream.


  7. Umm deffintely cleanse with cetaphil!!!!!! It works on most of my friends , its blue and its called *cetaphil gentle cleanser*. And use cetaphil moisturiser.. the green one its called cetaphil moisturising cream , and its green. Do you have acne if you do .. i reccomend blackmores pimple gel .. thats all...
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