Help Me!!

  1. hi LV lovers :smile: i want to buy LV. but i cant choose the model.i love monogram speedy and damier canvas.i want to monogram speedy but everybody has alot speedy also i cant understand is it fake or real?anyway please help me which one can i choose?
  2. If you love the mono speedy, that's the one you should buy. Don't worry about others carrying fakes. Yours will be real, therefore, you can carry it with confidence.
  3. Get the mono speedy....who cares what others think. If you love it, get'll know that your bag is the real deal.
  4. You should buy whichever model you love, and like - don't base it on what a lot of people have!

    If you buy your Speedy at a store, you will know that it's 100% real! Who cares what the others think!!!!
  5. thank you for your opinions :smile:
  6. Mono Speedy is a great choice and since you love it go for it! If you want something less common you can consider getting the Azur. Good luck deciding!
  7. Agreed!:tup:
  8. Buy what you love. If you want something different, though, than what everyone has - not that there's anything wrong with that; it's just a personal preference for some people - I would suggest the Alma. It's more expensive, but it is less common, if that matters to you.
  9. I wouldn't care if other people are carrying fake speedies. once you have a real one, you will learn how to tell the difference even if some other people can't. And the people that have real LVs will most likely be able to tell too!
    Damier is very nice and subtle. I got the mono speedy first and the damier speedy second.
  10. I used to wonder if people would think I was carrying a fake if I carried a mono bag, but it's not worth worrying about. I don't think anyone pays attention to be honest. Anyone who would get snarky and make "fake" comments about your bag has no class anyway. Get what you love and wear it with pride!
  11. Buy what you love and wear it with pride! It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks...Your authentic speedy will still be going strong after all of those awful fakes have fallen apart! You are buying QUALITY when you buy authentic.
  12. I have a mono Speedy and I still love it regardless of the millions of people who carry it in NYC!
  13. Start with the mono speedy. A friend of mine recently bought one and it looks terrific on her. Don't worry about too many fakes out there. Yours will be genuine and that's all that counts. You'll be able to walk confidently knowing you have the real thing! Good luck!!
  14. Get the Mono Speedy. As long as you know it's authentic, that's all that matters! It's a classic bag that will never go out of style!
  15. I say get whatever you want most. You could always get mono first and then later on get another kind. It's up to you.