Help me!

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  1. I am MrEmeraldine, Emeraldine's hubby and I need a spot of help here.

    She has been obsessing over the Chloe N.Marcus sale all week, since its almost our anniversary I decided to get her something.


    I take it I should call Emelene at a Miami store and just ask for a dark brownish/blackish square bag with the pocket on it that's on sale and she will know what I am talking about?

    She wears a lot of black and darkish colors, what would you suggest?

    I know my post sounds well, dumb, but I want to make sure I get a good'un! It's time to spoil the wife for putting up with my crazy antics!

  2. If it is you can call Emilene at Maimi Neiman Marcus last call in the handbag dept, and ask for the medium brown edith. Its should be $510! If you have any problems I'll help you out!
  3. oh how sweet of you! yes, ask for a "chloe edith", after you get transfered to the handbag dept., if that's the bag she's after....(that link in the last post is what an edith looks like in the chocolate color)
  4. I just want to say bless your heart! What a wonderful DH you are! Happy anniversary!
  5. Thanks Ladies for all the fast replies! I was afraid I was going to go it alone!

    Mona_Dayna: Yes, Ma'am! It looks smaller in person right? I am envisioning a gear bag by that photo.

    Medium Brown and she'll know what I'm talking about...ok. Is that a good color to get or should I go for a diff one?
  6. I am colorblind, so the link looks kinda dark grayish to me!

    I guess I need more help than I thought!

    Thank you ladies!
  7. I am calling to see what they have in stock!
  8. She has one whiskey left and some I asked her to put them both on hold under Mona for when you call and order. Now as for the colour I would order both and let her decide!
  9. MONA_DAYNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you are a star!!!!!!!!
  10. i think i'd probably go with the chocolate (dark brown) if she wears dark colors for the most part. i posted in the other thread some links with pics for you,....whiskey color is just like the drink, a deep caramel reddish-brown color

    chocolate is dark and a cool brown, kinda like a dark hershey bar

    black is black

    rouge is like a dep red color, kinda like a washington apple...
  11. wow, only one whiskey left eh? lucky i got my order in this morning, and very nice of you to hold it for mr.emeraldine!
  12. This is so exciting.....Let us know what you got in the end!
    My 9 year anniversary is tomorrow too....
  13. Hahaha!

    So I have two of my (also male) co-workers looking at the purse forum. (That sentence in itself is hilarious!)

    It is agreed that I will order the Whiskey which is a "rustic, worn-in baseball glove" color. Thanks for the recommendations from you ladies!

    What about a second color? The Chocolate? Or the mystery red?

    I'm off to the 3:00 meeting, but will check in right away before I call down to Emilene!