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  1. i wanna know cameron's bag is from which desiger :huh:
    thanks in advance
  2. I'm not entirely sure, but...

    It looks kinda like the Felix Rey metallic mesh hobo, which is at Neiman Marcus now. I can't see whether those are bracelets or handles. I like both, though.
  3. gseries.jpg
  4. thanks very much for ur help :love: but the bag has golden bracelets :shame: here is another pic
  5. Could it be a Chloe bracelet bag? The photo just isn't big enough for me to tell. Can you post a hook to a larger photo?
  6. here is the large version
  7. Hmmm, great photo, great bag....I have no idea.....
  8. I have no idea what the bag is called, although for some reason, I remember an article recently about a bag that Cameron Diaz was carrying in US Weekly or People (in their style sections). It could have been the bag you are inquiring about. Sorry for not being more helpful.
  9. I tried searching around--I think it's a Whiting & Davis purse--they're one of the original companies from way back when that made/make mesh purses. I know that they make keychains that are very similar to the "bracelet" handles of the purse... Sorry I can't help more. Good luck!
  10. I agree, I think I saw it in Nordstrom.
  11. It's definitely not a Whiting and Davis purchase...I seriously remember reading about it in US Weekly or People.
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