HELP me x-mas gift to myself dilemma

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  1. Hello guys I am in barcelona right now, the boutique here is really great they have so much more than in Denmark, but I am having such a hard time because i don´t know what to get as a x-mas gift to myself hehe
    I really need a small bag, at the moment all the bags in my collection are big, so I´ve been wanting the damier Rift for a long time and they have it here.
    But I also want a speedy 40 !!!! I had a speedy 35 but sold it because I wanted something bigger.
    These 2 bags are not so expensive but right now I can get only one!
    So please I need some opinions! :yes:
    Damier Rift ??
    Speddy 40??

    TNX and merry x-mas everybody !!!
    My best wishes to everybody and lots of luck and love for the comming 2008 :heart:
  2. get the speedy!!!I want one also...
  3. Speedy 40.
    No regrets whatsoever about mine......
  4. Speedy 40 in Damier, Have a great time and enjoy your christmas !! :smile:
  5. Since you said you need a small bag, go for the Damier Rift.
  6. ^Agree^ Get the speedy 40 next time =)
  7. Eh? What's Damier Rift? Never heard/seen one before... Can someone post pic of it?
  8. DAMIER RIFT svp!!!
  9. Since you said you need a small bag, I also say go for the Damier Rift.
  10. Ooops, if the link doesn't work, just type damier rift in the search box, sry about that!
  11. If you need a small bag then get Damier Rift!!!
  12. Definitely the speedy 40! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you!
  13. I like the speedy 40 too:yes:
  14. Definitely the speedy 40 :tup: