HELP ME WONDERFUL CHANEL LOVERS!! :) im new at chanel and i have a question!

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  1. What i need to know is this,
    the petite shopper , the cambon one!

    HOW SMALL IS IT?!?!!?

    does anyone have one they can post pics of themselves wearing? and tell me how tall you are??


    I do not own a chanel because i never felt i could afford it and i have an opportunity to get an AMAAZING deal on a pink and black petite cambon shopper but i am scared its going to be realllly small

    ANY HELP APPRECIATED! :smile: THANKS sosososo much
  2. hi bessie and welcome!
    i'm relatively new to Chanel myself.
    i would look through the ref library. i'm sure there are pics of girls modeling the small sized cambon.
    i have the large, and it's a great size. i could see you get more use out of a medium or a large you carry much day to day?
  3. hey thanks for writing back! :smile:

    I do kind of carry a lot,,, im a student and so although my books dont have to fit inside a bag, and it can be a weekend bag when i dont need my books, i do prefer larger bags,,,

    thats my problem cause there is a larger kooba i want too and i love kooba, and own a few, but i have to pick one and so thats why i want to make sure i make the right choice,,, i would be paying about the same for either one so!

    ugh so hard to decide,,, i looked through the whole ref. library and at least in the cambon section everyone seems to have the med. or large,,, ,i ddidnt see any that said petite :sad:

    thanks for the warm welcome!!
  4. Hi Bessie and welcome
    the small one is adorable but its very small...i passed on it last summer when it was on sale for an amazing rduced price at the Saks in Beverly Hills, because it was so small
    i think the size would frustrate and disappoint you from what you said you were looking for

    hope this helps :smile:
  5. o my goodness thanks SOO much purse-onality that helps sososo much i am thinking you may be right, it may be too small!,,,,,
  6. if only the amazing deal was on the large one! :_)
  7. i'm new to chanel too, and i went to the store to take a look at the cambon range - the petit shopping bag is really quite *tiny*. it's smaller than the gucci classic bucket, if you know which one i'm referring to. hope this helps! :smile:
  8. yes, the Small CAmbon Tote is teeny, I'm not sure if it even fits comfortably on the shoulder, the medium is also very small.
  9. hmmm thanks guys!! i cant believe it doesnt really even go on the shoulder how sad :sad: !!!

    Sounds like its going to be too small to really be useful!?
  10. how much did it retail for?? i :heart: this bag, but maybe thats because i am a tiny person :p
  11. it retails for over a grand, like 1050? i think,,,,

    but the deal im getting is amazing,,, and it is 1000% authentic, but i wwould be paying less then 1/2 that price,,, but im scared its too smalll?