Help me with your valued opinions :)

  1. Okay- after my day spent playing at Hermes my thoughts:

    I have purchased several brand-new handbags from Hermes one of which was my grail Kelly what I have always wanted the others are just everyday market handbags.

    My dream for my grail Birkin is a 30cm Black w/pal hardware. After speaking with my SA she states that this may happen a lot sooner than later like real soon.

    So here is my dilemma, DH says sure I have no problem with this however, one must go
    we had a little discussion last eve of just how many handbags can one person have/need/carry:cursing::bagslap::lecture:.

    I have 2 HAC's one Black w/gold which I love. love and a gold HAC which I love to. Its a difficult choice:crybaby:.

    Or:nuts::nuts: should I diminish my everyday's??

    Thank you sooooooooooooo much for letting me vent:heart:
  2. Oooh, that's my grail Birkin too-- or at least, if I was to have a Birkin, that'd be the one I'd want. Congratulations! :yahoo:

    Now, if it was me, and DH had no problem with the bag but you guys got into that discussion, I'd consider selling the black HAC-- the black Birkin you get could take its' place. Of course, if I could get away with it, I'd keep 'em all :graucho: How much do you carry the black HAC?

  3. I agree -- if you have to get rid of one, sell the black HAC as it's pretty similar - and lucky you for such a sweet dh!
  4. Actually the HAC is at the SPA for a treatment to the handles right now- so I haven't carried it that much lately.

    I was amazed at how much lighter the 30cm is compared to the 32cm HAC. The SA said that the HAC's are and always have been a much heavier bag than the Birkins.
  5. get rid of the 32cm black HAC if you are going to get a 30cm black. its redundant. they are almost the same bag and if your 32cm HAC did not satisfy your need for a black bag....then sell it and get what will.
  6. Yeah, then get rid of the HAC. Since it'll be coming back from the spa you should get a great price for it! And if the black birkin has PHW, that's sooo much prettier than GHW IMO. And it sounds like the Birkin will be easier and more comfortable for you to carry-- I bet when you got it, if you kept the HAC you wouldn't even carry it.

    Let us know what happens, girl! :heart:
  7. This kills me to say b/c I absolutely love it, but sell the HAC (gulp)- you won't wear both so go for the one you will enjoy the most!
  8. def sell the black HAC. ouch hardware with black is such a classic for me! so difficult i know!!! hehe
  9. Just curious, if you have the 32 HAC, why do you want the 30 birkin? (I have been thinking of a HAC, which is why I ask.) Is it weight, style, etc etc?
  10. I would part with the 32 HAC.
  11. i'll part with any of your 2 HACs. sob.......
  12. Oh my, your discussion sounds like a recent discussion I had with Mr Rocker. I have sworn on the one in and one out policy, unfortunately.
    I say please don't let either of your gorgeous HACs go. Instead downsize on your everday bag.
    I'm so happy that your grail bag is around the corner!!! What skin??
  13. ^^and ofcourse you know my jewelery hardware neurosis so I see a black hac gold hardware completely different from a black 30 ph....
  14. I also say get rid of black HAC gold hardware and get birkin 30 palladium so you have different sizes. ;)
  15. I'm afraid I'm following with the majority here.......blk w/GH (GULP) should go.