Help me with your opinion BCBGMaxazaria runaway dress..

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  1. Hello Girls , I need your opinion...I try my blue BCBGMaxazaria runway dress for coming event , and the dress in size 0 is still to big an me . What do you think ...i suppoused to alternate to my size or returned ?? This dress is not coming with the belt like an picture , but I try my option with wide fabric belt and looks nice. I am happy to hear what you think . Thank you...

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  2. I'm sure it looks great with a wide belt. Post a pic if you can!
    Since it is not a fitted dress, i think you can get away with it being a little loose esp if you're adding a belt. :smile:

  3. Thank you so much for your opinion , I will try post some photos soon , I know that will help too...:biggrin:
  4. Here is three option ...I have very small waist so all my dresses are so big an me ( if ther is no strech) , if i will keep this dress without belt i have to alternate , because I have a lots of room around . What do you think can work the best???

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  5. That dress looks super cute on you!!!
    I like how it looks with the black belt! ;)
  6. Gorgeous dress, definately keep and i'd wear with the black belt also
  7. Thank you Girls...i like this black belt option too..:biggrin:. What about without belt option , do you think alternate to my waist or leave it like that ???
  8. I love the dress and I would definitely wear it with the black belt. It accentuates your waist!
  9. gorgeous with the black belt! you have a model's body. :graucho:
  10. no need to alter the dress, it looks great with the black belt. since it's a bubble style dress, with pleats, you don't need to make it any more fitted, b/c of the black belt. the only reason to alter it is if from the back, there's a lot of material bunched up and it looks bad. otherwise, leave it.

    i was worried at first when i first saw the model pic, because the model has super long legs to carry off this dress, but may i say, you wear it quite well!
  11. I love it, and I acctually like the white belt best with it!
  12. Thank you Dear ...what I like about the white belt is contrast...bring some I think is more classy...that why I try those colors ..can make different opinions ....thank you ... so, for sure I will keep the dress:biggrin:
  13. The dress looks better on you then on the model. Definitely wear a belt!
  14. This looks gorgeous on you! I like it with a black belt.
  15. you look just gorgeous in that dress! I like it with all the options that you have showed us!! especially with the black belt

    Can you tell us which dress that is?? it's so beautiful!