Help me with this life altering decision!!

  1. Ok maybe its not that serious :p but I def want some opinions. I have been saving for am Azur speedy and Im at the $400 mark. I will have it in less than a month at the saving rate Im going.
    Today I found on eBay a bag I have been casually searching for, the LV Robert Wilson fluo Reade Pm in pink. I have wanted the bag since it came out in 2002. Stating bid is $399 and if no one else bids then I can win this bag, it also means I wont get the azur until about mid July.
    What would you do??

    (here is a pic of the Fluo for all TPFer's who are not familar with that LE line)

  2. I would go for the Fluo it is discontinued limited edition the azur will be a round when your ready for it.
  3. this is a tough choice because i really like the robert wilson a lot.... and the azur is breathtaking. i guess it comes down to which you really love more and will use more. i think the azur is moure practical and i would just get that now =/

    i know i wasnt so much help, lol, sorry!!!
  4. i agree with claire--get the fluo, then save again for the azur--good luck!
  5. ^ same here. there's a good probability that you would regret it if you let this chance pass. get the fluo :yes:
  6. The Fluo is too cute! Definitely agree with everyone, buy the Fluo and save up for the Azur later!
  7. I'd get the Fluo.
  8. I would get the bag on eBay. You don't know when you might find it again. Then I would start saving again for the Azur. Good luck with your decision!
  9. Oooh, get the robert wilson. Those are so rare! Azur is hot, but will be around for some time (I think).
  10. Well the Azur is permanent so I'd go w/ the one from eBay, but I don't like the dark handles... are you planning on getting them replaced???
  11. The handles are not that bad in her other pics, the cameras light looks too dark.
  12. Get the fluo!! :yahoo: The azur will be available later:yes:
  13. I would get the bag from ebay and get the azur later. I don't think you'll have any problems finding the azur but getting the limited bag might be a lot harder in the future.
  14. I am personally not a fan of that line but since it is discontinued and you like it, get it. Lots of time to save again for the azur!
  15. I´d go for for the robert wilson, if you don´t win it, you can still get the speedy.