Help me with this Gaucho's Size.

  1. Hi guys! I’m not a Dior expert… Please help me with this.. I am aware that the Gaucho has different sizes… In which size will Dior Junkie’s Gaucho? Because I wanted a Gaucho in that size with the color as MayDay’s Saddle Gaucho… Thanks!!!

    Dior Junkie's Gaucho:


    MayDay's Gaucho


  2. its a magnetic clasp tote they only come in one size, hon ;)
  3. ^ Thanks nataliam! What size is that?
  4. umm since its one size only, it doesnt have large or medium in the name its just tote. The zipped totes are large, medium and small but this one not. Her size is between medium and small zipped. hope that helps ! ;)
  5. Size: 12.5" X 3.5" X 7.5"
  6. Thanks mandy and nataliam! :biggrin:

    I really wanted the an off-white gaucho in Dior Junkie's Gaucho's size.. Will that be available? Sorry for my Dior innocence.. :biggrin:
  7. Nataliam.. I saw your post on the other thread!! You are really tempting me to buy another Dior! Haha.. I love this.. This one is the one i've been looking for.. But I'm not sure if this is going to be big on my shoulder...


  8. iqa i have the same one and i love tall are you?

    btw diabro has them at the moment....:graucho:
  9. I'm 5"4 but I'm doubting about what to wear with it.. Since I'm more of a girly when it comes to clothes and I'm afraid the gaucho is not nice with girly clothes...what do you think nataliam?

  10. i am 5.4 too ! and the size is perfect ! but i definitely dont wear girly clothes with it, usually cowboy boots, jeans, a tight black top, leather jacket... but i did wear it with a little black dress and black coat ( similar to what lara012 has in her avatar ) and dior rasta pumps and it rocked ! but no, definitely not girly, more sexy/edgy i would say ;)
  11. ^thanks nataliam! :biggrin: Very, very good opinion with the clothes.. Well then I guess the Gaucho is not for me then... I'd stick with my saddle bags addiction. hehe! Thanks again!:biggrin:
  12. nat's gonna kill me, i'm about 5ft4 too (if i'm remembering it right.. i'm more familiar with the metric system) and i find the tote to be a little overwhelming for me. but that's just me, i'm the kinda person who loves a dainty bag to a huge one (which is why i find the ysl muse too big even though i do like it a whole lot and why i don't go for the chanel classic flaps in jumbo). to me, the medium gaucho was perfect because it was still sizeable and not as bulky as a double/large gaucho. personal preference thing really, but it's best to march on down to the store to try them on because it's pretty tricky with this one.

  13. kill zerodross mode on !!!!! :roflmfao:
  14. :ninja:

    what can i say, i've got flabby batwings for arms, any bit of weight on a large bag which i have to lug in my hands tires me out. i had only my wallet, cellphone and a cosmetics pouch in my mulberry and i was groaning under the weight of it. when i tested out the gaucho tote in stores, it just felt heavy. :sad:
  15. Is it also heavy? :wtf: I don't like heavy handbags too...