help me with this decision

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  1. Hi,
    I just saw this one on the online consignment shop.
    It's a selleria. I searched the forum here, didn't see pics of this style. Wonderding if anyone could give me more information about this bag.
    Currently, I am trynig to choose between this one, as a second hand, and a speedy 30 , as a brand new one. Also need opinion on which one to get?:confused1:
    Thank you
  2. Yes, the Fendi selleria doctor bag was certainly made in this style. Can't tell if this bag is authentic: the selleria has been faked.
  3. Like greendrv said, it is the selleria mini doctor bag. The store makes this style every season and they always make the black brown and camal. The retail price is about $1500. We have a salmon colored one in the outlet and it goes for about $900. Its all handmade (stitched) and is the best you can get from Fendi.
  4. Hi, thanks for your reply. I went to the Fendi boutique here for some reference today.
  5. Hi!!!!!!!!!!!
    glad to talk to you again!!
    I just love the vanity!!!!! What shall i say,, hm, is it called eye catching? or head turning? haha, i don't know.
    But, really, i mean it, thank you verymuch.

    Thanks for your info, the bag is like 12" / 9'/7, is it still like mini doctor bag? Sorry I almost know nothing about selleria line, except that they are all made from those super nice leather.