Help me with this Cambon bag

  1. hiya!!
    i was at the chanel store today and fell in love :love: with a cambon bag
    because i was in a hurry i forgot to ask what style it was
    it cost au$2590. it's about the size of a tote, but the top of it has a small flap. you can secure the flap with the gold lock. the handles are big enough to be carried on the shoulders.

    do any of you know the name and how much it costs in america?? thanks! i'd really appreciate it/
  2. Was it the Cambon Camera bag?

  3. no that wasn't it
    it definitely had shorter straps
    the flap is right at the top.
    the size is about the same, the shape is...errr..where the flap is, it's slimmer then it starts getting bigger at the bottom.
    i can't find it anywhere *sigh*
  4. i think i know what you are talking about...member "Jill" has it in her bag collection thread, at least I think she still does!
  5. that is the one!
    thanku so much!!
    does anyone know what it's called?
  6. HI! its the flap Ligne Cambon tote..Thats what the box says!
    But I think mine was 1675...ish..your price is off from mine...
  7. PS-thats my FAVE bag in the whole world!worth every penny!
  8. Ah, yes I saw that bag at Chanel last week. It's a nice BIG bag, like a tote with the flap. :love:
  9. The price sounds closer to a multipocket reporter..............hmmmmm.
  10. the multipocket was about au4500
    that's about US$3200 ish

    i walked pass the store today
    i think the flap bag i like is gone :cry:
    pretty sad, but i guess that saves me from even hoping to get the bag

    jill u are so lucky!! such a gorgeous bag, when u are sick of it throw it my way ;)
  11. Is it this bag? I got this picture off of, so it's probably fake- but I couldn't find the picture I had saved on my computer from a while back.

  12. it is that bag
    isn't it gorgeous? :love:
  13. You're right - that bag is fake!