Help me with this argument!

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  1. Hi, I m new here! Have been lurking for a year, living vicariously thru you guys. I have been in love with coach for the last 20 years.

    Anyways, went to 2 outlet stores last Friday. First outlet store did not have what I want, so I settled for a teal lindsay shopper for $280.00.

    Since I live 2 hrs away, I told my DH, I also want to see what they have @ the Prime outlet. ;)

    I am so glad that I did, I found what I was looking for.:yahoo: DH said I should have kept the lindsay instead of this, because it was a much pricier (MSRP)bag than what I bought.

    I agree with him about the value :rolleyes:, but I love this bag, and this is what I want. Do you guys agree? I will go directly to the reveal.
  2. Are the judges ready? This is my second post, I hope I dont mess up posting the pictures.:lol:
  3. I understand what he's saying about Lindsay (I own and love her) BUT if you LOVE what you be it!!! You're the one who's gonna carry it right? Tell him if he love's Lindsay so much, she's all his! LOL Maybe that will end the spat! ha ha ha
  4. I am watching
  5. still no pic's
  6. I agree, it goes on your shoulder. My one guy friend hates the ergo I just got... but it's my purse.. ya know?
  7. Here goes...

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  8. I just got Lindsay in Espresso and I really do like her, but the teal is TDF! She fits on my shoulder without a coat on, although it will be awhile before I can not wear a coat. lol. What is the other bag so we can see the other choice?
  9. Yay! :smile:

    Lets Seeeeee................
  10. Argh, just a tease pic so far!
  11. :yahoo:My camera did not capture the beauty, as much as I want! But , IRL it's gorgeous!
  12. I'd say it doesn't matter what bags are in question- you should keep the one you like the most! Sometimes we get lucky and it just ends up being cheaper!
  13. oooh! Take it off! :couch:
  14. Oops, I thought the picture was attached!

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  15. Looks kind of long like a Sab. ????

    Let's see, Lets see.............