Help me with these coach items please

  1. My friend had asked me to sell these 2 coach items for her on eBay. The thing is, the purse is filthy. The corners, the strap and the bottom are so dirty. I want to try and clean it before I list it to have more potential buyers but I'm afraid of ruining the bag. It is suede so I don't know how to clean it.

    Does anybody have any tips on how to clean it? Or is it permanently stained?
    Also, the leather wallet has a pen mark on it. Can that be cleaned off as well?

    Even if they can't be cleaned, I don't have a clue on either of these pieces. I tried searching on eBay for a similar wallet so I know what kind of information to put on the listing but I couldn't find anything. If anyone can help me with some sort of information of both these items, it would be greatly appreciated!

    coach 1.jpg coach 2.jpg coach 027.jpg coach 3.jpg coach 4.jpg
  2. Suede will not clean. Try an emery board.
  3. to remove the pen mark take a q-tip and spray some hair spray on it and rub it over the pen mark till its gone. it should work. i had a pen mark on a patent leather strap on one of my bags and the hair spray got it off! (the pen mark was about 1 month old too!)
  4. For teh suede purse, try using either a nail file or an emery board. But test it on a small area before you do the entire purse.
  5. I got a similar pink wallet a few summers ago at an outlet for $50.
  6. hmm purse.. my friend took dove soap and washed the hell out of her blue suede lol and it worked.. the suede was a dark greenish color from dirt.. she was desperate tho..