Help me with the size please...Thanks ladies

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  1.'s time to place orders for the Spring purses, since I am so in love with my Anniversary black 225, I have decided that I should get another one in a bigger size; I have a metallic black reissue 227, and it's perfect as a daily bag for work, it's so trendy chic and yet functional....
    so ladies, should I have my next black (love the gold classy and elegant ya) in 226 or 227?

    Thanks in advance...

    PS. Anyone has 2 black reissues in the gold hardware?? If my girlfriends find out that I intend to have 2, they'll probably call me insane...:P
  2. This is probably a silly question but do you really need two reissues that are both black and both gold hardware?? You also have a black 227 (albeit metallic, it's still black). I personally would go for something completely different and save your money. But if you really must get another black 2.55 I would go for the 226 size as you already have a black 225 and 227.
  3. ^haha.... lol I admit I am silly....:P
  4. Maybe you should sell your 225 and get at 226 because it sounds as though you prefer the larger sizes.
  5. I personally adore the 226
  6. hello dearie! i definitely say 226 cos you know why! hahaha... it's a lovely size lah, and i think since your metallic black is in 227, no point getting the black w gold in 227 as well. i am soooo looking forward to end of the year when my purse ban is OFF! any luck on getting yr grey reissue?
  7. I will go for size 226 since u have a size 227.....if possible, maybe u shld get another color instead of black!
  8. Hi there IceEarl , is it confirmed that their going to re-release the Regular Black Reissue? I am dying to get one:love: I do know about the colored reissues. Im just not sure with the black...

    And yeah, i agree. You should just get the 226 and sell the 225;)
  9. Sell the 225 and get the 226!!!! The 226 is gorgeous and functional and you can use the money from the 225 to buy ANOTHER reissue, maybe a new color from this upcoming spring? heheh do it, do it, do it!!!

    ps. If I could, I would totally buy like 5 black reissues too. They're sooo gorgeous!!
  10. i say 226 too so that you can have a complete collection of all the sizes, that would be awesome!
  11. ^^^^i think the same.
  12. Hello dear honeybunch, me9xjr, celia_hish, x joie, msjenn and allbrandspls, thank you ladies for your input and suggestions..:idea:

    Yes, dear SHINY_HAIR... it was your 226 that makes me want to get a bigger looked so gooooood with it, even with shorts luck with the grey reissue waiting patiently tho...heheee (and dear, I haven't forgotten the email that I am supposed to send you ya..... will do it soon, must dig out the notes I saved on my thumb)

    fashion_gurl888, my SA told me that there will be, in here exact words:
    "Black crackled calfskin, gold hardware
    Light silver, purple, or navy blue crackled calfskin, silver hardware"
    so you should start placing orders for these spring purses with your SA ya....good luck!!

    And yes, I think I will order the 226 instead of the 227 ( I also have a Jumbo black caviar in silver HW...:P).... about selling off the anniversay 225, Hmmm..... I am such a sucker for that whole 50th anniversary thingy.... I'll have to think hard about it...
  13. same opinion here...get the 226. although i also suggest you get a different color. just a thought!
  14. :rolleyes:
    I would not sell the 2005 reissue;) It is really special. I would say 226 too, maybe another color? I have the black reissue w/ gold chain in 227. the crackled leather is TDF! so if you really want that color in 226, I can understand:rolleyes: Has your sa said anything about the new color? the purple and navy blue...will they be just crackled? Not metallic as some SAs mentioned:confused1:
  15. Nooo!!! Don't sell the 225! And in regards 226 or 227, I think you should get the 226 :P