Help me with the right size: J.Brand Lovestory

  1. Hi Girls,

    I would like to order a J. Brand Lovestory - but I´m not sure with the size.

    I wear in True Religion Size 27 and in Seven Jeans the 28/29.

    Should I order the J. Brand in 27 or in 28 ????

    Hope you can help :smile:


  2. i would go with a 27 because j brands are pretty stretchy.
  3. they run about 1 size bigger for me.
  4. Definitely go for the smaller, they are quite generous
  5. Go with the smaller size...J Brands do stretch.
  6. thanks !!! I´ve just ordered it in 27 ! :smile: Cant wait to get it :smile:
  7. They are fab jeans, I have the ink and the black.....just looking at getting the vintage now
  8. ^^ get the vintage. i have dark vintage and i love em.
  9. I just love the cut of this style, so retro
  10. this cut is very slim through the hips (much more so than jbrand 14 inch), so if you need extra room there, you might need to size up
  11. The Lovestory are SUPER skinny in the hip/thigh area, so I would definitely size up b/c they don't really stretch.
  12. i swear to god order a size 28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im the exact same size as you and i ordered the ink color 22% elastic ones and i got size 27 and they are TIGHT on my waist and i am TINY i should have gotten a size 28! its crazy but true. I am a size 27 in True religion and 26 in all other jeans and size 27 is way way way too tight... SUCKS
  13. hi girls, ok.... think with my order in 27 ... I will be not happy :sad: But now its too late. I will let you know as soon as I get the lovestory if I need a size up.

    Not so easy.... ;)