Help me with the retail prices of these bags..

  1. Hi! Can you guys help me with the retail prices for these handbags? Some of them, I can't find in and I'm too lazy to search them one by one... Still deciding what to pick for my birthday. Hehe!

    Manhattan PM

    Hudson I think it's a GM? Anyway, the one which is not listed over elux right now is the price that i've been looking for...

    MC Speedy 30

    Vernis Rosewood

  2. I also found a pre-loved hudson for $5000 HKD (Around $642 USD) here in a secondhand shop which has no flaws and the color of the leather is not yet honey-colored with dustbags, is it worth it? Or should I just pass?
  3. Manhattan PM $1,495
    Hudson $1,500
    MC Speedy $2000
    Vernis Rosewood $870
  4. Thanks! :biggrin: I guess the preloved hudson is a good deal, right?
  5. You're welcome :smile:
    Yeah, I think that's a great deal seeing it retails for $1,500!
  6. I think you should get it!
  7. Will definitely do!! Thanks again.. I'll keep you guys posted. :biggrin:
  8. Get the hudson!! That is a great bag and a great deal! Post pics when you get it!