Help Me with the IB Midi...

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  1. We are not getting along as well as we originally did. Because it is deeper, it is like the outer shoulder strap barely stays on my shoulder. It keeps popping off. It is so gorgeous that I want to carry it forever as a handbag, but it can get heavy. HELP! She is so pretty - I have to figure this out!:nuts:
  2. I really haven't carried my IB midi yet, but with these straps if you put one over the other it helps to keep it on! The same thing happens with the Chanel GST.

    I ended up selling my full size IB and plan to get another IB midi or mini. This design is beautiful! Jackie has outdone herself!

    Are you interested in the IB mini? If you really want to wear it as a handbag that might be the answer!
  3. I'm thinking that with the IB mini being a bespoke sort of thing we can change some details like the thin threaded straps rather than the regular threaded ones and maybe pay to have the straps lengthened just a bit. I hope the mini works out because I don't need a laptop bag but like the look of this style for a handbag!
  4. The strap issue is the same with me! Overlapping them does help. If I decide to bespoke a midi, I will totally go with the thinner threaded straps. :smile:

  5. RCC - what leather are you getting?

    I am thinking of getting another Midi or Mini! If you were to choose between the Midnight Blue and Pewter which would you choose?

    Sorry about the diversion from the topic.
  6. I know - the Mini may be the answer! I do LOVE this bag so am going to try and make it work. I still wonder if just giving the root leather more time to smoosh is the answer.
  7. I agree - the thinner straps would help! But what color? :biggrin:
  8. Agreed on the overlap on the straps. It has helped me. I also find it extremely cumbersome also when the bag is too too full. It just wouldn't stay on me during plane travel unless I used the messenger.
  9. I do not have the root leather...yet! So I do not know how much it will smoosh. My purple pebbled smooshes fabulously!

    I do think you need the mini! I am still undecided as to the leather! Do let us know what you choose!
  10. Have I told anyone lately how much I love my IB midi????!!!! Muhahahahaha.......don't shoot me!

    Anyways.......I love the size of this bag but with the comments & reviews coming in, I truly believe leaving the midi size as is and simply lengthening the threaded straps by an inch and slimming them down may be the key to taking this bag to a whole new level! (of perfection!)
  11. Right now I have it "saved" in three different colors... The dark purple matte, aubergine sheen, and the midnight blue glossy! :smile: Hopefully by the time I save up enough I can choose! :smile:

  12. ^ I'm not a purple person, but the dark purple matte is TDF!
  13. I do think you may be onto something! :biggrin:
  14. I took her out again today and really rolled and smooshed up those handles. That helped a lot. She is SO amazingly gorgeous so I am thinking it may just be a "me" thing. I want to LOVE my bags, especially when paying a good price for them. I am so in love with my RM that I am thinking that may be my issue. It is hard to compare for me...

    So in the end, it is not the IB Midi - it may just be my style preference. I think the dimensions are PERFECT, the style is simply divine, and really, I would only add an inch to the drop and narrow those straps just a tad.
  15. I have the same dilemma. I love each one of my bags, but they all serve different purposes.

    And your love affair with the RM reminds me of mine with the LM.......styles come & go, but I find myself constantly drawn to that one!