Help me with red in H

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  1. Hi guys,

    How many red colours in Hermes leather book?

    I suddenly drooling over the red when i saw licencetocook's rouge H birkin :drool::drool::drool:
    I have seen the red ostrich birkin IRL and vermillion colour. Never see the brick one :smile:

    Which one do you think is the best red in clemence and togo?

    Show me some pics on the red babyyyyyy ;)

    Now i have too many colours i like :p I think birkin and kelly just look fabulous in almost every colour.
  2. licencetocook, I did check all the red colours on the reference ... its just that I can't see the real colour of each red ... maybe because of the photo quality. Is yours one close to the real colour?

    I'm after a deep dark red which to me will look more elegant for a birkin.

    Can anyone suggest which red?
  3. Sounds like you're after rouge H.
  4. yep I have seen hers, Katel ... its beautiful:tup: but as you can see its quite different rouge H (looks like it has a purple tint) from licencetocook's one ... now i'm confuse which one that is close to IRL.
  5. B, here are some pics of my bolide in rouge h clemence...On my screen, these are pretty accurate representations of the color in these varied lighting conditions.

    Inside with some light


    Outside in fairly direct sun


    Outside in the shade


    Another interior light and some window lighting as well.

  6. gorgeous!!
  7. That is, for sure, my favorite color. Delish!:drool::drool: great taste, cobalt.
  8. ^^thank you!!! :love:
  9. Thanks CobaltBlu for the pics ... Rouge H it is!!! beautifullllll :tup:
    On the sunlight it looks more like dark brown to me :p
  10. Does anyone have pics for vermillion colour?

    Is vermillion brighter than rouge H?
  11. Hi BiKineSS - I didn't mean to leave you with just threads from the reference library, but dd woke up in the middle of the night screaming.

    Out of all the reds, I only have eyes for Rouge H. I am not an expert, but I can tell you Rouge H can look very different from leather to leather and from year to year. Some years/leather have more brown undertones, while others have more blue/purple undertones. If you are interested in Rouge H, I strongly suggest looking at the samples at H stores or the actual bags themselves.

    In the mean time, I hope these pics give you some ideas of rouge h. My absolute fav colour in H:heart::heart::heart:

    1978 Box Rouge H constance 23 cm G H/W
    c. 2002 Chamonix Rouge H dalvy with white stitching G H/W
    2004 Rouge H Clemence 30cm birkin PH H/W
    family photo without light.JPG family photo with light.JPG dalvy.JPG constance.JPG
  12. LTC: GREAT collection, very classy! YUM!
  13. CB-Stunning Bolide!

    Licencetocook-My what a gorgoeus collection!!