Help me with no tracking number

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  1. Ok, while I have this Trevi GM buyer to deal with, there is another issue with another buyer. Not yet, but I am afraid that it will be.

    I am cleansing out my closet to buy a few Chanel items, that is the reason I sold my Trevi GM. Anyway, this buyer won both used LV backpack and used LV pouche, each of them are listed separately with the shipping cost of $9.95. She emailed ask if I can combine shipping, I said no 'cause the backpack is big, but I told her I will ship it out fast using 2-3 day priority. When I emailed her the invoice with insurance as an option, she omits the insurance. I packed them together. We got to the post office, baby wanted a bottle, so my husband walked inside to ship the bag. HE SHIPPED IT WITHOUT TRACKING NUMBER, and no insurance. Well, I didn't instruct him to ship with insurance 'cause at that time, I thought insurance is an option, if buyer chooses not to buy, I am not entitled to, but now I think about it, it's more for my benefit. 3 days later, I emailed her to see if she got the bags, no, she hasn't got it. Now, it's a week, and she still hasn't got it, and there is no way that I know where the bags are. She uses PO Box address, but I don't think it's an issue.

    So far she has been telling me that we should not be worry, she will check it again on Monday, but I am prepared for the worst that the bags do not show up, of course, I have to give her money back 'cause it's not her fault, it's my husband's fault, well, it's my fault that I didn't instruct him carefully. Anyway, since my PayPal is freeze, how can I refund her so that it safe for both her and me and to avoid future worry?

    Sorry, long...
  2. If she does receive the bags on Monday, which is so damn late than I promise her, and the shipping cost for 2 items is $12, should I offer to give her $8 back?
  3. And how long should I ask her to wait before reimburse her? I don't want to refund her, then the bags show up, then I don't know if she is nice enough to send them back, oh well, just a thought...
  4. Did you told her you sent the bags without tracking? I did it once but told my buyer I will email the tracking later and 2 days later I received a positive feedback so no need for it. I think the bags should be with her already if not lost. give it another week but don't email her to ask her. Wait until she contacts you.
  5. Yes I did tell her that I shipped it out without tracking number. She is kinda nice telling me to not worry about it.
  6. Oh dear. You will just have to wait til monday and hope she receives it. Keep us posted with news of the arrival...
  7. Pray that she is honest and doesn't scam you. You will lose any claim without tracking or insurance.

    You should have just waited until she contacted you through e-mail or feedback to say item received. In the future if you accidentally send without tracking don't just offer that information up. All you can do now is wait for her to tell you she received it or for a claim that she didn't.
  8. i am so done with auction. I guess I don't know how to do it right to begin with. The last item I sent out yesterday has tracking, insurance, tag, and instruct the buyer not to cut the tag off unless he/she is sure about the item. Then I am done... I can't take more risk. If there is any item I need to sell, it will be via consignment store.
  9. Maybe DH sent parcel post?
  10. Oh no...I hope that it is delivered safely. Good luck.
  11. Oh well. The right thing is not to contact buyers after you sent their item unless you want to give them tracking# or just a note that their item is shipped. Trust me, if there is something wrong-you'll be the first to know.
    I hope, she'll receive your bags, what service did your husband use? Do you have a receipt? If it's Priority, you're 99% safe. Parcel post takes weeks sometimes.
  12. It's Priority, and we do have the receipt.
    I don't know how to do the eBay thing right. I thought following up with the buyer is a nice gesture.
    Can't let this ruin my life, been thinking about it all day, just have to say that I have bad luck lately.
  13. when your hubby came out and you found out he sent it without tracking i would have gone back to the same teller and told her the mistake. it could have been fixed if you did that
  14. Silly me, I didn't know my husband would send out a package w/o tracking number, so I didn't ask until we got home that night, asked him for the receipt, and shocking to find out he didn't ship w/ tracking number. He said he never had a problem before, oh well, the sky just falls all at once :sad:
  15. Yep, I also learned the hard way that insurance is really for the seller's benefit...not the buyer. Even if you say in your auction that you will have nothing to do with it after it leaves your hands, you are still ultimately responsible and in the end you will lose out. Don't give up on ebay yet....we all had to go through it at least once....