Help Me With Net A Porter!!!!!

  1. yesterday at about 4 o'clock in the morning i saw the red paddy for 926 come it changes again to 1500+ dollars while on the UK site it's still on sale??? What's going on!

  2. They have different inventory and the sale prices don't necessarily apply for both inventories, unfortunately. I tried to get a paddy wallet that was on sale in the UK site and not in the US one and decided not when I realised the taxes, shipping, etc. amount to not so much for a discount.
  3. eucalyptic: Yes!!! Actually though yesterday at 4 O'clock in the morning (or more like today) that wallet you're talking about was on sale for $350....but I decided to go to bed and order it later and when I look right now it's not there anymore....Yesterday the inventory was the same as the UK ... They have the metallic paddy on sale too!
  4. ouch! I missed on that wallet! I love the Chloé long zip wallets... good luck to us next time.