Help me with my WOW bag!

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  1. After much trial and error, I feel like I have a pretty good basic H collection.
    I have 2 35 birkins-- black with gold hw in togo and graphite with ph in clemence. I like my 35s slouchy and worryfree....think Flossy's picture of Jane on her auctions...
    I also have 2 30s--gold togo with ph and indigo fine grained clemence with gold hw--again both perfect for everday (I live in jeans)
    I have one Kelly in black box with gold hw 28 rigide--it is stunning but in truth, I've never worn it! I can definitely see myself carrying it in the future though when I grow up...
    I also have a 30 bb clemence lindy (love!) and a black massai pm in clemence.

    I feel like I need one WOW bag and my H will be complete. I'm thinking of a 30 birkin (my favorite style). I don't want togo or clemence for obvious reasons (see above) and would like to stay away from exotics. I'm thinking chevre ....or box....maybe swift....or fjord....
    What skin is special? what color says wow? What combo would you pick to compliment the collection above?
  2. Swift is so pretty.... have you considered lagoon swift? :girlsigh: It really packs a punch and you could dress it up or down...

    But then again, Rouge H, Vif or Garrance Swift would be a WOW bag too, and every girl needs a red bag!
  3. May I suggest a 32cm HAC in chevre? The letter is really carefree but has a sheen due to the characteristics of the chevre. I'll also be different from your other styles without venturing too far away from your favorite 30cm birkin! As for colour, I would recommend a fun colour; maybe orange or red with GHW. Hope this helps!
  4. Rockerchic, I think you should consider a 30 Rouge H box with GH!! I agree with razorbackbelle0...every girl does need a red bag...:yes:
  5. rockerchic, I also vote for a rouge vif in chevre for a "wow" effect.

    At one time, I think you had one in HAC, but I assume you realized that your preference was for a Birkin?
  6. If you want a youngish wow bag, then i would suggest a pop color in chevre... fuchsia, rouge vif, vermillon, vert anis... the color and the sheen of the chevre is definitely eyecatching. Keep it to a 30cm birkin or a 28cm HAC if you are doing brights
  7. I was going to suggest this very same bag
  8. Fushia cherve.....Would be a wow bag.....

  9. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

    TG, you have a great memory! I did have a red chevre hac ...i need to keep my eye out for one in 30...that would be perfect...but almost impossible to find!

    BTW, I also did have a rouge h box 30 but sold felt a tad too mature for me but I do question my wisdom on that one.:s
  10. I'd love a violet chevre but have never seen one irl...maybe my wow bag is unobtainable?
  11. ^^^I agree...exactly what I am currently looking for - 1st choice, fuschia or 2nd choice, potiron in chevre :girlsigh:
  12. What about raisin chevre 30cm Birkin?
  13. ^ that's my IT bag!!
  14. Can you check out a swatch of the new mangalore in quetsch. The color is a purplish reddish we have heard, which could be very interesting, and it could make for a fun birkin. It's a lighter weight chevre, so you could go a larger size b. bag if the mood struck.
  15. That's what I thought, until I found one sitting on a shelf at a reseller one day. Ooh, that was the fastest purchase that I ever made. I will be on the look out for you. :tup: