Help me with my wedding jewelry

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  1. Hi, I am new here. I am planning my wedding, and need some good ideas for my wedding dress and thus I am collecting whatever ideas I am getting here. Before planning my dress I am planning on other things like the wedding accessories and wedding jewelry.
    And, I am very excited as I have so many things going on in my mind, and I don't know which one to give first priority.

    Now some of my friends are telling me to buy jewelry that matches my wedding dress, but some are suggesting to buy contrast color accessories. So, I am in a total puzzle. Any suggestions?
  2. I just had a post on this. I think you need to buy the dress first and see what type of neckline you can accerssorize.

    As for wedding jewelry, my fiance bought me a jazz pendant to wear on our wedding day. I do not know if your fiance is planning to purchase you a wedding gift, but if he is, then maybe you can make suggestions of things he can buy you to wear on your special day.
  3. I agree, dress first, always. If you buy the jewelry first it could completely clash with whatever dress you choose, then you're out the money. Find your dress first, then accessorize based on that. You can always post a picture of the dress here and then ask everyone for accessory advice. :smile:
  4. Agree again, dress first for sure. I just ordered my wedding dress on Wednesday and had I purchased jewelry in advance I would have been in serious trouble. I went to the store with the intention of purchasing a romantic all lace gown (which was so not me when I tried it on) and ended up a satin mermaid dress with crystal detailing. Clearly the same jewelry would not have worked with both dresses.
  5. how can you logically buy the jewelry without the gown first?
    you don't know what neckline you'll have or how embellished it'll be.
  6. Go dress shopping, pick your dress, then worry about jewelry.
  7. I agree, buy the dress first!