Help me with my St. Louis personalization, too many options!


How should I customize my Goyard St. Louis GM?

  1. 1. Goyard Logo on one side and stripes + initials on the other side

  2. 2. Stripes + initials on one side only

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  1. So I have decided that I'm going to purchase a St. Louis GM in Black with Black trim...that was the easy decision. At first I wasn't going to customize it with anything but the more I saw all the pictures on tPF the more I fell in love with the stripes and monograms. But then I saw that some people got the Goyard logo on their bags and I fell in love with that too!!

    And then I saw discomom's reveal of her bag here and was like :nuts: what a genius idea!!

    But then to throw a wrench into everything, I read somewhere that it's not recommended to get both sides of the bag painted since the side that rubs against you will cause the paint to rub off.

    So my question is should I get the Goyard logo on one side and stripes and initials on the other side or should I just do initials and stripes on one side and call it a day? Would painting both sides look too "busy"?

    Below is a picture of how I would like my stripes and initials too look like but I would get purple and white color scheme.


    And the logo would be the one in the middle

    Goyard 1 -diagonal.jpg goyard logo.JPG
  2. How about just the Goyard logo on one side? That's my vote.
  3. I thought just stripes and initials would be much nicer. You already have countless 'goyard' all over the bag><
  4. Just saw this post today.... neither my stripes or Goyard logo rub off.... i think you can't go wrong with either way --- its just each one's preference on how you want it... with the size of my logo and my thick stripes ---- even on a GM bag - it was just too busy for me..... the most important thing is that you get the colors that you want.!!!

    Congratulations on your bag.... i do love the angled stripes.... that's hopefully my next style! Goodluck!
  5. I was lucky enough to visit Barney's Boston and see all the customization options in person...I decided just to get the logo on one side...sweet and simple. Thanks for everyone for their help!