Help me with my SA issue, please.....

  1. I have this great SA at the Union Square store. When I'm there she is wonderful and spends as much time as I need, without making me feel rushed. She showed me the lookbook, explained some of the new items to me, etc. My "issue" is she doesn't ever return my phone calls. I called her a few weeks ago to place an order....never called me back. I tried calling her last week, didn't call me back, then I just called again last night, and she still hasn't called me back. Last night the lady said she would be in today from 10-7. I hate being a pest, but I need to make sure she has me down for my w/l items.

    Do I just let whoever answers the phone take my orders and answer my question or do I keep trying to get a hold of her? If I do go with a new SA will it be wierd when I am in the store (live about 2hrs away, so only about every 6-8wks)?

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :yes:
  2. I would ask to talk to the manager (perhaps she isn't getting your messages) - I would not say anything bad about her because you like her - just if she's not in, ask for the manager and say - I'm sad because so and so isn't in and wondered if you could help me with my order. Don't order from another SA. From experience, I've had trouble having regular SAs do orders for me when mine is gone - I check the order later and it was never done.
  3. you know her schedule?? May be she's on vacation. In my case, when my SA was on vacation while wer were in the middle of something, she asked one of SA to give me a call..

    I normally ask other SA when my SA will be working and try to catch her on that day.

    Good luck..
  4. hmmm... may I ask if you definitely KNOW that she knows WHO you are? lol cuz if you aren't a regular-regular, she may not know your name and doesn't know who to ask for if she calls ya, kwim? However, if you are indeed a regular-regular lol, then I have no explaination for her oddity lol. I think once my SA didn't call back, so I called her 3-4 hrs later after her lunch break, and she told me that the store was REALLY busy during the holidays...... So unless EVERYTIME the store's busy, I dont' understand what's up with her behaviour......
  5. hmm....having a good relationship goes both ways. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and think she's busy... BUT she should be avail for you since you want to 'deal' with her exclusively. (give her the sales) I think you should just confirm with another SA about being on the WL, wouldn't be awkward at all. When you go to the store, you can just nicely explain she wasn't available.

  6. She DEFINITELY knows who I am! ;) Everytime I'm there she helps me and remembers my name....everytime I'm there I buy atleast 1,000 worth of stuff....and that's going light! :yes: I just feel dumb with calling her back, but I guess I need to! :s

    Thanks for your ideas
  7. If you really like her.. then I would make a lunch appt with her. Take her out of the LV environment where you two can chat and get to know each other and mention to her that one of your concerns is will probably walk away with a really good friend in your SA- KWIM
  8. alrighty, then I have no idea why she's like this lol.... It seems like to me that she's not a trustworthy SA, I wouldn't continue with her if I were you. I'm sure you can get MUCH better service with another SA.
  9. Hope she returns your calls, because I have the same issue with the store. Not being able to speak directly to my SAs and they are really nice there!
  10. I would have a talk to her when youre at the store. When you are looking over the look book or even looking at some bags. Mension that you called, just slip it in. Ask her if shes been getting ALL youre other calls. This way she will be obliged to phone you. Hope that helps :flowers:
  11. I am sure Union square is like valley fair and messages go through a call center....she is probably not getting your messages! That happens to me. Just call back and say, "sorry to bug you, but I didn't hear back from you"...she will probably be surprised and say no message.
  12. Thanks, I finally did just call her again and said "sorry to keep bugging you"....she was clueless, didn't know I'd been calling. She said she would definitely had called me back....called me a VIC!! :yes: Not that I am, but it was nice to be called that! LOL

    Do you like Valley Fair? Where exactly is that? I've heard mixed thing about that store? Would love to hear your thoughts! ;)
  13. this is the exact issue I have in toronto, so I told my SA that I would just keep calling her until I get a hold of her. I usually ask the person I am speaking to in the call center to give me my SA's work schedule, so I have a better chance of reaching her when I do call back.

    my SA explained to me that they leave the messages downstairs near their lockers, and that if she doesn't go downstairs all day, she only becomes aware of her messages at the end of the day (or when her shift is over, or when she is about to leave to go home).

    so that's probably what is happening to you. just be persistent, and don't get offended. it's probably completely unintentional, and you're just a victim of "the system".

  14. glad you got a hold of your prize SA
  15. Valley Fair is in San Jose and Santa Clara....and I am not being funny...the mall is actually right on the border, so half of the mall is in San Jose and half in Santa Clara.

    Generally, I really like it. It took some trial and error to get a couple of SAs I really like.