Help me with my pochette strap!

  1. I bought a mono pochette at my boutique on Saturday. I also bought the long mono strap which my SA attached at the time of purchase. So I decided to change straps and I can't figure out which way the skinny vachetta strap should go. The slit in the leather looks so tiny that I might stretch it out by pushing the gold latch through it, but I don't see any other way to do it. Also, is there a right or wrong side that the gold latch should be on? I looked on lv website and eluxury and they have different ways. Any suggestions?
  2. I think I'm understanding what you're saying so I'll say YES you do have to slip the small golden clasp through the slit in the strap in order to loop the strap onto the seems a little tight but it works, do you need a picture??
  3. Thanks, Lola. Now do I place the gold clasp on the "made in usa" tab side or the other side or does it even matter?
  4. Oh and I usually loop the strap onto the d ring side with the Louis Vuitton stamped tag and then clip the hook to the side with just the d ring.
  5. Thank you!! I never expected such a quick response. You rock Lola!!!
  6. If you don't mind me asking, how much was the mono strap? And congrats on your pochette!!!
  7. well here's my picture with my pochettes, I can't tell looking at it if you can see what I mean on any of them.....sorry can't take a picture right now and I have a really good one in this computer but it's too big of a file to post.....
  8. I also bought normal leather strap to attached to my pouchette too.
  9. and see the way it's displayed in that picture, that's not the way most of us clip it.....nor is it the way I've been showed over the years.....
  10. Thanks! I just love the pochette!! the long mono strap was $150 and is made very well. Much more substantial than a vachetta strap. Love it!
  11. You're welcome and thanks :smile::smile:
  12. Ok, ok, I see it. Got the little strap on now and it looks cute. Thanks again for the advice Lola.:jammin:
  13. ok, if you look @ the yellow one at the top you can see what I'm talking about...wrap the leather around tab D ring and clip onto non-tab D ring, not like the way it's pictured in the catalog or eluxury, and with Epi pochettes they come with the strap already on so that's the way Louis does it.....have no idea why that mono pochette picture is around like that, very wierd....
  14. You're welcome, I'm a pochette fan! That picture isn't actually all of them, it's missing my multi color and lexington.....I think I was trying to fit all of pochettes and accessories in one picture but couldn't do it......