Help me with my plan of attack at H!

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  1. I'm on a mission to start a new relationship with a SA/boutique and I need help in plan of attack! *Mission Impossible music*
    I have a budget for $15K of non-K/B purchases at Hermès this year.
    I would like to be able to get a K or a B straight from the boutique.
    K or a B because I want a bag in togo leather, but other styles of bags that come in togo leather are not really my style unfortunately! But I really love togo(the smell! ahhhh)
    I'm hoping to get either bag from the boutique around late summer/early fall to celebrate anniversary with DH. He wants to buy it for me because he knows how much I love H leather.
    So anyway here are my options for plans of attack before the fall, I am aiming to spend a little more than half of the $15K(non-K/B H purchases) before the fall, and the rest after I get my birkin or kelly!

    Plan 1(all about H leather, leather bags specifically!):
    -A Pico
    -Ulysse in TPM, PM, and GM
    -A couple of H china

    Plan 2(mainly leather jewelry themed):
    -A few exotic CdCs/other bracelets/leather jewelry
    -Silk scarf and twillys
    -Ulysse in TPM, PM, and GM
    -A couple of H china

    I have two Bs, K, and B(as in Bolide) in my current collection!

    I have this dilemma because as much as I want a Pico and Evelyne, I really hardly ever go out. I go out like 2-3 times a week with my (almost) two year old to kid-friendly outings, and maybe one date night with DH per week. But the rest of the time is spent at home, or at a park near my house with DD, not really H friendly for me. I don't live in the city, so there are limited things to do around here. So my H bags see daylight maybe 3 times a week lol. Which makes me wonder if it's practical for me to get more bags when I don't even use the ones I have. For some reason I make the K or B an exception LOL.

    Whereas with H leather jewelry I can wear around the house everyday and enjoy it, if only for myself.

    What should I do? And do you think spending $7K before the end of summer is enough to be offered a B or K at a new boutique?
    I guess I could spend more but would like to space it out between the B/K.
  2. Hi there. After reading so many different posts on what people spent before they were offered a K or a B I have come to the conclusion that there is no one formula to follow. One was offered an SO after purchasing a wallet. I read another that had spent over $15k and still no offer. I spent about $12k and now I get offered items whenever the store has something I desire. Spending $7k should be enough IMO but my guess is as good as anyone else's!

    If you really want a pico or an eve, go for that. Your almost 2 year old daughter won't be 2 forever. She will get older and hopefully you will go out more as she grows up. Plus these items are what you really want (so you say). I never wear my leathers or any jewelry for that matter at home. Too impractical to be all dolled up when hanging out with the kids. So my vote is plan 1. HTH
  3. Hello!
    I am sorry I cannot help you with the SA/H boutique part of the question -- but perhaps I can help you with the "mom" part of your plan?

    I am a SAHM of two boys who also happens to love H; but, like yourself, I rarely leave the house other than a few errands here and there. Because of this, I find that my H purchases don't always work out based on my current lifestyle. So here are some things that I have finally realized:

    1. large scarves/shawls -- don't really work out well with little children. Sticky fingers, messy hugs, arts and crafts...too much opportunity for snags and stains.

    2. leather bracelets (CDC's/double tours/KDs) -- I am always washing dishes or near water for breakfast, lunch, dinner -- not to mention spontaneous liquid spills, or other "fluid" issues that occur with little children. I always felt like I was taking these items off during the day. Furthermore, the closure parts of the bracelets -- turn keys, etc -- scratch little ones during spontaneous hugs.

    3. bags-- I have both a Pico and an Evelyne. The Evelyne is great because you can sling it cross-body -- which is far more Kid-friendly than the Pico. Quickly grabbing at a 2 year old's hand when you are holding the straps of the Picotin is difficult and in the process of doing so, you may loose the precious second that it might take to secure your lovely child from danger. Another thing I find is that I liked light-weight bags with the kids so I don't have to lug a heavy bag around filled with their things. A canvas Garden Party or other tote is perfect for those situations. I also had a Herbag -- which was great because it was very light weight, had a shoulder strap, and I didn't have to worry about scratched leather.

    4. kelly watches -- same scratch and water issues as mentioned above. It did provide a lot of distraction for the kiddos, however.

    5. twilly's and 70cm scarves -- much better because they are small and can be wrapped on bag handles, as hair bands, or even on the neck without much contact with the little ones.

    6. jewelery -- silver bracelets (I have the Farandole) have had no issue. Can be in water, no pointy or scratch parts. Can keep on and forget about it! Love!! As for the Farnadole necklace -- it is heavy and sturdy, so far more 'child safe' than something delicate. My boys love to play with it and the bracelet -- so both can come in handy when going someplace that requires waiting (Dr's offices, especially!).

    7. Ulysses -- I do not have one of these, but considered getting one. I love to write and have always purchased great notebooks and pens. But as the boys got into age 2 and older, I found that I stopped using my notebooks because I became more active with them. Your dear child is getting to that age as well, and you may find you wouldn't necessarily USE the Ulysses like you may have prior to your child's birth. So I would not recommend this unless you routinely use books, calendars, address books as part of your life.

    8. wallets or other purse accessories -- I would recommend you look at the wallets, coin purses, card cases, etc because they are lovely, you would use them every time you used your bags. Get what works for your lifestyle here, too. For example, I have a Bearn, which I truly enjoy --- but a Calvi card case would probably have worked just as well for me because I do not carry cash or coins. And, it would have saved far more $ to purchase MORE H items -- which I think is key for you when trying to purchase multiple items over time to establish that SA relationship, no?

    That being said, I realize now that I tended to purchase items based on my pre-kid's life. I wish I had this insight earlier because now I am in the difficult process of having to decide which of my lovely H items to let go -- only because they are never used! On the flip side, I also get the joy of trying to decide what I truly NEED for my CURRENT lifestyle. So please keep this in mind as you make your plan of attack.

    9. china -- don't have any and I think I would shed some tears if I did because things get broken...especially when you have kids! I have had a lot of my lovely things broken or ruined because of the children. I keep my boys well supervised, but it is amazing how fast little kids can be! One second they are sitting quietly on the floor and the next they have somehow managed to climb up on top of the refrigerator! All without any noise! :smile: So, I would rather use that $ toward something more kid-friendly.

    Best of luck to you and I hope you enjoy your fun shopping trips!
  4. I think there is no magic formula and the best plan is to buy things you love. While half the fun is in h strategic planning, as mrsjds points out there is enough randomness of who gets offered what that game theory is fruitless with h. Buy what you want and will use, ask for what you will love.... If the SA seems unhelpful, move on.
  5. Great and practical post!

  6. Thank you for your reply, MrsJDS! Your advice is helpful and greatly appreciated :smile:

  7. Thank you for your reply, Dagny! This was very helpful, thank you for listing all the categories and sharing your experiences with me. I agree that kids are fast! I've been noticing my daughter happy and doing one thing, and in the blink of an eye she is off doing something else lol. I can only imagine that she will be more quick when she is a bit older! :smile:

  8. Thanks, doloresmia! I think you ladies are right. I should buy what I love and move on if the SA is unhelpful. Most of the SAs I've encountered are very nice and helpful in the beginning, and then they seem to get greedy and play "the H game" lol. I would actually prefer it if they were straight up cold upfront! I guess there is no point in overthinking this because if it's meant to be, it's meant to be!
  9. After researching this forum I honestly don't think there is a magic formula, I was really lucky that I met a great SA & we get on really well, we have even been out for lunch & at her expense but it's mainly because we have become friends.
    I was offered a bag after my second visit & I'd only bought a KD, CDC & a 140 scarf but as soon as she realised I wasn't just interested in a B or K & she realised I loved the brand she honestly couldn't do enough to help, if there's anything I want she'll find it even if it comes from the other side of the World.

    I bought a Kelly last year & a Birkin this year but in between I do buy a lot of stuff & at least something every month & sometimes every week so I keep the relationship going, I'd hate to change to another SA & I'm very faithful I'll only buy from her & she knows this too.

    I would suggest trying to find a SA you get on with & express your love of Hermes & not just in B's & K's because from what I've heard most SA hate it when all a customer is interested in is these 2 bags.

    Hope I've helped & good luck

  10. Thanks for your reply, designerdiva40! I used to have a great relationship with a SA, but had to move far away due to DH's job :sad: My plan is to go to my new boutique once a month to get what I need/establish a relationship. A lovely tPFer recommended me her SA, so I'm hoping all goes well!
  11. I would agree with the other posters that there is no one formula for obtaining a Birkin or Kelly, but IF you like Hermes fine jewelry (including watches), RTW, and/or housewares (china, blankets, furniture, etc.) purchases from those departments seem to have a significant positive impact on one's relationship with the store. The accepted reason is that Hermes likes to sell their most popular items (leather goods, of course) to people who "appreciate the entire brand." While I don't think this is exactly untrue (and while I know SAs do get very weary of people marching in and demanding a Birkin without even glancing around the store, which happens many times, every day), it wouldn't surprise me if there is also some bottom-line advantage to the boutiques for sales of harder-to-move merchandise in the other categories I mentioned. But I also feel that one should not buy things one doesn't want in the hope that this will open a magic door to handbags. That just rubs me the wrong way, and from personal experience I can say that polite behavior, some knowledge of Hermes' products and history, and regular purchases--of anything--can absolutely result in opportunities for desirable bags. Good luck to the OP and I hope you enjoy spending your time and money at Hermes! It can and should be a fun experience.
  12. Yes, they do move faster when older... and they get into more and different types of trouble.

    Here is something I was wondering:
    If one owned (and carried) a B whilst they did their shopping at a new H boutique, would the SA's be more willing to offer them a SO or another B? The reason being -- it was obvious the new patron liked the brand and (presumably) had enough of a relationship with a prior SA to warrant being offered a B in the would the new SA-to-be take that into consideration? Consciously or subconsciously?

    Or, would it just be the opposite: one comes into the new store and purchases items ,but does NOT carry an H bag. Would the SA take pity on them and offer a SO or a B? Or would they just assume the patron couldn't afford it?

    That being said, if the chances of being offered a B or a K from a SA was higher just by carrying a B into the store and mentioning to the SA that you are new and just moved from your SA -- (s)he may just assume you are a good customer and purchase a lot of H because you love the brand and your chances of being offered the B/K may be higher?

    Things to ponder....
  13. Agreed! My SA recently did something for me that was really above and beyond what a non-VIP (read: peon) like me deserves, and although I haven't spent a ton with him, what I have gotten has mostly been RTW, scarves, and housewares. I think that tends to show that you appreciate the brand and aren't just trying to extract their most popular items from them (don't get me wrong, I actually wanted these things). I also like to bring him small gifts as a thank you when he searches for something for me, not as a bribe in any way, but to show that I really appreciate his efforts, and I think that has been meaningful for him. Most of all, even if I am just buying something small, we have a lot of fun together and joke around and discuss things we like! It really is all about finding someone you click with. Best of luck!!

  14. Thanks for such a well-written advice, Mindi! I'm not too big of a fan of their RTW, but happen to love H china! Especially their tea sets because I drink a of tea :smile: I will keep your reply in mind!

  15. Dagny, I've actually been pondering about this! And wondering whether or not I should bring in my B to the boutique. Great post! :smile: