help me with my next purchase...

  1. :graucho: w0o0oh00 what should i get?? ph or manhattan pm or an MC speedy?:love: hmm in reference... i only have a speedy, pochette accesoires both in mono, pap26, a white shirley and black mc pochette accesoires(both will arrive soon:graucho: )... help.... :love:
  2. Out of the 3 choices, I'd pick the MC Speedy! :smile:
  3. i'd say a Popincourt Haut. you need a shoulder bag :yes:!
  4. I say PH!
  5. ooohh thanks everyone... :graucho: Ph is such a beauty.. :love:
  6. I'm not a big Manhattan fan, so I'd go with the PH or the MC Speedy!
  7. i'll choose the Manhattan. i love the bag.
  8. personal opinion, MC speedy
  9. Manhattan is simply a gorgeous bag, so that gets my first vote. But if you want a shoulder bag, PH is delightful! Gotta love the brass balls.
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