Help me with my new puppy!!

  1. Hey all okay I got a new Chihuahua puppy last Friday she is really a good puppy. The only thing is that she always want to be with me which I don't mind but I am trying to paper train her to do potty in the bathroom on newspaper. When I have her with me I keep a good eye on her but sometimes she just goes potty on my bed which is a big no no. I don't get to mad at her because she is still only 9 weeks. So lately I have her majority of the time in the bathroom where she has her food, water, toys and newspaper so she can do her business there. I feel really bad leaving her confined to just that area and it breaks my heart to hear her whine but when I let her walk around she goes potty where she is not suppose to go. Do any of you have any suggestions on what worked best for you?? Am I being cruel to have her limited just to the bathroom and should I respond to her when she whines or do I just let her calm herself??:confused1:
  2. Hey Im with ya! Take a look at a thread I posted here it called, "House training, HELP" There are lots of good ideas. It has worked EXCELLENT for me and my doggie.
  3. Well, all I can say is that those accidents are going to happen, I went through it, and a few pee pee's on the bed. Most of the time I could tell when she needed to go at wchich point I'd pick her up and put her on her pee pad. and I'd keep placing her back on it. Generally is she can smell pee in the area she'll do it again. I'd suggest buying the pads though. As for leaving her locked up, I doubt that's going to help much because its not actually teaching her anything.
    You can try crate training her, so that there is routine every day and you can guess when she's going to have to potty.
    Make sure you use positive reinforcement when she potty's in the right spot, and don't get mad at her when she doesn't, just clean it up really well and move on. Hope this helps!
  4. Potty training my puppy is something I do NOT miss. She would always be going on my carpet & sometimes I wouldn't know and the house would stink! So I would be forced to get on my knees and sniff around haha :shame:

    I read that if you feed (food & water) your pup try to stay near the pee pad area or watch them closely because they will have to go soon. Don't pick them up, but instead walk them over to the pee pad. If they start going make a loud noise to distract them so that they stop. If you pick them up and just take them over to the pee pad spot they won't remember (this is what I read in my Housetraining puppies for dummies book haha).

    I also spread out lots of pee pads all over my apt. Spots that I saw her have the tendency to go to. I gradually I led her to one specific pee pad and began to take away the other pads around the house.

    I would def. recommend getting that book :smile:
  5. I agree with Danica--I would not lock her up...she doesn't understand:sad:

    If you are worried about her going to the bathroom in the wrong places while you are home, I would suggest buying a puppy playpen and just keeping it next to you when you are watching TV or whatever and do not feel like keeping your eye on the puppy. That seems more kind than locking her in a bathroom.

    Def. check out those tips on the thread mentioned above. Also, I don't know if there are any Petsmarts in your area, but I took one of my chihuahuas to a free potty training seminar...lots of great advice!! Good luck:smile:
  6. I have a chihuahua and i train her on puppy pads. What i would do is when i wasn't home i would lock her up in the bathroom with her food,toys,bed, and puppy pad next to her. And she learned herself that she needed to go on the puppy pad. It took her 1 week to learn. The pet store also has a spray that you can put on the puppy pad so that they know where to go.
  7. When I first got my dog, he was 8 weeks old, and I was trying to do the same thing you're doing now, that is to potty train him in newspaper in the bathroom. What I did was keep him in the bathroom for at least 7 to 10 days straight. I made separate quarters in the bathroom for food/water, sleep, and potty training. I let him out several times a day to play with me, each for a short time only. During the night, the puppy is guaranteed to be whining, and this is the part where you gotta be strong. Do not let him out to sleep with you. Also, when I let him out of the bathroom, I kept him in my bedroom only or outside to the park. I didnt take him to various rooms.

    Accidents did happen, they are inevitable. My dog has never did it in my bed though, I think he know that it's for sleeping and he doesnt want to ruin it. When I let him out in my bedroom, I put newspapers everywhere as much as I can. But there was one time where my dog did it on top of the computer cables, LOL!

    My dog was quite fast with his potty training, and after that I have never had a problem. He always associated newspaper with his biz. Later I changed the location to the downstair's bathroom and he was fine with it.

    So to sum up, put puppy for at least 1 week straight. Only let puppy out for short times only several times a day. Dont let her venture to the other rooms. Spread lotsa newspapers in the bedroom. Keep an eye on her.

    GL :smile:
  8. crate training! it's basically keeping her in a small penned area (if you buy a pen you can keep her near you all the time) with her bedding and food/water, and the theory is that she won't pee there cos it's her living area; then you take her out REALLY often and regularly to pee if she wants to, then reward her when she does..

    it worked great for us (we used a big TV cardboard box, she could see us above and next to the box, on the couch etc)

    and if you catch her in the act of a "bad" pee, you don't have to punish or jump on her, but make it a clear vocal firm "NO" so that she learns, and balance that with tons of "good" peeing in the right spot (by bringing her there as often as poss to try to catch her needing to pee when there)

    bear in mind too that as they get older, they learn bowel control, so at these early days she'll be a little haphazard, but she'll soon make the connection between the "feeling" and the pee.

    and i think it's a bit sad to leave her whining... try the portable crate, then she can be near you..
  9. Thanks! for all the suggestions I will try them don't get me wrong I don't leave her locked up all day. I do let her out several times a day to spend sometime with us. I just read somewhere that you need to keep them limited to one room where there is food,water,toys and a section with newspaper or puppy pads so they can do their business. I would do the crate thing but the only thing is that I work full time and then I have to pick up all my kids so I can't make it home fast. So I thought the paper training will be good for her because I don't have to rush home to let her out of her crate. I was reading on the litter training thing so I was thinking about that because I really don't want to let her out to do her business. So if you guys have any more suggestions please keep them coming.
  10. I spent NUMEROUS days training my CRAZY puppy..The trainers ALL say to start them in a small space ..then make the free space bigger as they learn not to have accidents..Crate training my dogs was WAY easier this way.
  11. LOL! I just ordered the book today I hope it works
  12. Find a good obedience class. They will help you with your potty training, and will help you teach her how to be a good puppy citizen. I always thought crating a dog was cruel, but now that I have my own, it is a lifesaver, quite literally, as my dog likes to chew on anything she can get her mouth on, including electrical wires. We just started obedience class with a very good instructor, and she had my crazy dog sitting, laying down and gently taking food within a few minutes.

    I occasionally work for a guy that has a huge Irish Wolfhound, who has never had any training, and being around the dog is horrid. He chews everything up, grabs things from your desk, has accidents all over. I don't like the dog, and I don't want people to not like MY dog, so even though the training takes a lot of time, and takes more time at home, I think we will all be much happier in a few months.