Help me with my LV store credit!

  1. Hello girls, just popping into the LV forum for a question. Long story much shorter: I bought my mom an LV bag, she didn't like it and I got stuck with a store credit. (She doesn't think she wants an LV). There are things at LV I would like, but kinda want to get my mom something, you know?

    Soooo, what is a good LV bag to buy and resell on eBay for close to retail? Or do you have any other ideas?
  2. What about something for your mom that doesn't 'scream' LV, like epi, tagia, nomade or suhali?
  3. If she doesn't like LV, why don't you consider buying yourself a little something? The Speedy is always good for reselling...
  4. I bought her a damier duomo, which I think damier is soooo classy but not my style yet. She loved the pattern but had a hard time with the hand held style, she has always used shoulder bags. And we couldn't find her a shoulder bag she liked, thus the store credit for now.
  5. I agree, show her the non-monogram items and see if she likes anything from there. If not, then I second Mr. Posh's suggestion. I think the Speedy 25 sells well, and when new, close to retail price.
  6. But I have a store credit for $1300 or so, speedy's a lot cheaper right? I actually wouldn't mind a damier speedy 25 myself, but I'm so new to LV and have heard about this lining bleeding problem??
  7. Get a speedy 25 ($595) for yourself and a Batignoles Horizontal ($815) for your mom.
  8. Well you didn't mention what bag you had in your previous we just suggested what was the most popular bag on ebay.

    Anyways, why don't you put the store credit on ebay? If it's for 1300 you list it at 1200 or 1100 :shrugs:

    I wish you luck...LV isn't selling very well right now on ebay. So it's very difficult to say. Try searching ebay's completed items to see what sells best.

    It's too bad the store can't give you a gift cert for Elux. It is owned by LVMH Anyways.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions! I'd like to stay away from eBay for a few reasons, so maybe we'll just have to find something suitable or wait, the credit is good for one year.

    I hope we can find a shoulder bag that she likes, I saw a new one on eluxury, the epi turenne PM, soooo pretty, i hope she likes it when we go look!
  10. I agree - a year should give you plenty of time and that's enough money to get you both something nice. Why don't you have a mom-daughter day and go to lunch and each try to pick something? It's so thoughtful of you!
  11. That's a nice idea, The epi turenne is lovely.
  12. that is a nice idea charleston mom.
    oooh, are you from charleton,sc? me too!
  13. how sweet to think of ur mom...! I like the daughter and mom have a nice day out and help pick out a bag together...
    let us know if ur mom finally decides on something!
  14. 1. try another item for your Mom
    2. if that doesn't work, this might be the perfect opportunity to buy a scarf ! I think some are so beautiful
  15. thats sooo sweet of u. with 1300, u can get heaps of things
    how about getting urself the damier speedy 25...
    and your mum prolly the popincourt haut?
    it looks really really good.