Help me with my indecision: Paddy vs. Edith

  1. I always need to hear others opinions of bags since I don't get much access to them and have to do a lot of phone orders.

    Totally torn between a Paddington and a medium Edith. I know the sizes I would get and don't really need help with colors. So, it's the style of each that I need help with.

    I'd get both if I could, but not at this time.

    I have a lot of handhled/crook of arm purses, so the Edith is in that same style. I like that I could throw the Paddy on my shoulder, but was reading that the straps don't really stay put all that well on small shoulders, which is a problem for me.

    I know I want longevity out of a purse. Not one of these here-today-gone-tomorrow trends. I'm done with wasting money on things that aren't going to carry over for years.

    Ugh. I'm willing to hear any advice you can throw my way. :yes:
  2. If you want longevity, I think the Edith may be more your bag. I do think that the Paddy had its day, but that it would be viable as "vintage" in a little while.

    Now in terms of practicality, I do think that the Paddy is easier to get in and out of (Never thought I would think that, but I do). I like the fact that I can wear the Paddy on my shoulders and it frees my hands. The Edith on the shoulder is uncomfortable to me.

    Also, how do you intend on wearing these bags? Are you looking for a purely casual bag?

    All in all, I think you can go with either bag though, so I'd go with the one you like the most. In the end, that's what matters. You'd use the bag you absolutely love.

    Good luck and definitely post pics when you do get one!
  3. I personally think the paddy is much easier to carry than the Edith, although I truly love the look of both!!! The Edith was just too heavy/bulky for me to carry as a hand held or in the crook of my arm. While the Paddy fits nicely over my shoulder so I can handle the weight of the bag easier.

    So like BalenciagaLove said, go for the one you love the most!
  4. I agree that the Paddy is easier on the shoulder and more comfy even over the arm, but Edith is so nice and easy for me to get into (no lock to flip over!) and I love how my stuff fits inside.

    Other than that, I have no advice!
  5. So like BalenciagaLove said, go for the one you love the most![/quote]

  6. I've had both and gave up both, and I personally liked the edith better (which reminds me I'm on the hunt for a grey one right now so if anyone spots one can you let me know??? ;)) The paddy although was nice because it could be used as a shoulder bag, was just too heavy and carrying around with a lot of stuff was quite painful (and the lock flipping... you have to get used to that) But, they both are beautiful bags -- and I do think that the paddy is a more "trendy" bag than the edith. Whichever you decide, let us know!!! :smile:
  7. I have a paddy and I'm still waiting for my Edith to come. I just love the paddy because of the lovely leather. It#s my all time favourite so I'd say go for it.
  8. I think the Paddy is going to become more of a classic... it's definitely my all time fav bag :heart: And yes being able to carry it on the shoulder is a big plus!
  9. I feel I'm leaning towards the Paddy, yet still weighing my options. I will certainly let you all know what I decide!
  10. The Paddy to me is a standout bag - really makes an outfit pop - which you can use everyday. It does take a little getting used to with the heavy lock (watch those glass counters!) and the weight, but it's like breaking in shoes. The Edith is much more subtle - and lighter - but she's definitely more 'bulky' - most arm bags I have are bowlers or curvy, rather than boxy.

    There are a lot of Paddy's around, and I wouldn't be surprised if some styles went on sale, especially if you live near a Nordstrom that sells them. Edith is much harder to find, but come fall, should be easier.
  11. Okay, I did it. Bought the whiskey paddy from Nordstrom. I figure if I hate the color, I can return or exchange for another color. Can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. :biggrin:
  12. Congrats chipoman! I have the whiskey paddy and LOVE it! So, great choice;))