Help me with my Fixer Upper Ebay purchase

  1. OK... I got caught up last week & ended up winning a Coach leather coat in cream. It had been stained with blue spots from a comforter that it had been stored with. I don't know what I was thinking but it was relatively cheap. It really is a beatiful leather, really soft & squishy...

    The seller suggested getting it professionally dyed. But the thrifty side of me wants to try to get the stains out. So far I've tried hairspray, Windex and Mr. Clean Eraser without luck. What else do you think might have a fighting chance?? If not, has anyone ever gotten leather dyed? Results? Cost?
  2. I recently had a run-in with the dark jean dye on white fabulous leather experience and I tried all of those things. Nothing seemed to be getting the worst of the stain out so as a last resort I tried rubbing alcohol. It worked wonders. It was on the Chelsea textured leather, and it took some of the texture out (which could be from the alcohol or from me rubbing so hard, ha!) but it's better than a stain.

    I would try maybe a test spot under an arm or something to make sure it isn't going to hurt the leather.
  3. aww man i was bidding on that coat lmao!!! its so funny i lost by like a dollar :sad:
  4. LOL! I had a feeling it was a tpf'r!

    I'm working on it with rubbing alcohol. It's working to a degree but it's also taking off some of the color so I'm being really careful & taking it really slowly.
  5. I was going to suggest trying rubbing alcohol... I've had good success with that method the couple of times I've tried. It even got a huge ink mark out of a white leather bag.

    Also depends on the leather -- I had soda spilled on a leather jacket one time and the guy at the leather shop said the leather "soaked" it in and it was impossible to remove with that particular type of leather.

    Vinegar is another one I've heard to try but never have. Might be a vinegar/water mix...

    Good luck! Can you post pics???
  6. I bought a white leather coat at a vintage shop a while back. I brought it to a dry cleaner that does professional leather cleaning. It cost about $30 and it looked brand spanking new afterwards. Mine wasn't stained, but it was amazing how clean they got it!
  7. Could you please post pix of before and after the alcohol? Thanks and good luck trying to get the stain out.