help me with my first?

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  1. #1 Sep 15, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2010
    ok i just made this account to make this post ( shows how desperate i am ).
    i need serious help.
    at the moment my style guru is's emily and im in the middle of a style transition from my own all black edgy style to her sweet innocent yet stylish style with a twist of my own.pretty much loading up my closet with nudes and pastels and neutral mellow colors.
    but a fab purse is missing and i think the kirstin collection from coach has some pretty good options.
    what im looking for,is a structured yet not very corporate looking type of purse.i dont wanna look like im going to a business meeting just by holding the purse.
    ive been really into the large leather hobos,but i dk if they are exactly matching the description in my head.also another important factor to me is the leather and the quality of it,this will be my first coach ( :yahoo: ) so im looking for something that ill be able to keep for a very long time,the type of thing you can pass on to your child,ya know?
    i love how buttery the juno leather looks but again alexandra collection has amazing colors but looks a bit old in the style for me.

    i dk what to pick,and i need to make up my mind quick,my SO ( significant other ) offered to get me a purse for my birthday which is tomorrow and i still havent made up my mind,feel free to throw in suggestions from any other collection apart from those mentioned.

    PS: allow me to add that i hate monograms ( no offense to those who own it,but its not for me,hell i dont like fabric like material for purses ) and the bigger the better
  2. Congratulations and happy birthday!!

    It sounds like you know what you like in terms of feel - and because feel can vary from hand to hand, I suggest you walk in to a Coach store and feel them yourself. As for a classic you can pass on in the future, again that goes towards personal tastes - what I consider classic enough to pass forward may not be someone else's.

    I would walk in and walk around first. Get a good look at the color selections and get a feel for the ones that catch your eye... THEN, see if you can talk with a seasoned Sales Associate or one of the gracious managers. Let them know what you're looking for in terms of style and feel. Many times I've been surprised thinking I'm coming in to get one thing, only to find out I've walked out with something even better that fit my criteria.

    Over the years, I've picked up a few of Coach's better leather handbags and I enjoy them all equally. Good luck in your quest :biggrin:
  3. thank a very specific shopper in everything,and its sorta bad,cause while you know what you want at times you feel youre not open enough to others opinions and ideas you know hence i made this post to go to the coach store with an open eye and mind,sure its just a purse and sure im gonna get more of the same or different brands,but still its something you as a girl remember.
  4. Boy, changing your whole look/style all at once?! OUCH on the pocketbook! LOL
    (Thank goodness there's plenty left for a great Coach bag!)

    I think Emily's style is TDF ofcourse, and it SOOOO works for her!!!
    Coming from a place of where you're mo9ving on from (I've got kind of a punk-chic style.) Pretty edgy etc and I have a TON of Coach bags in every different style & color you could imagine. Sometimes when you do tend to go with alot of darks paired with edgy jewelry & other accessories the handbag can be the one thing that keeps you from looking like you need to empty your closet back into Hot Topic! KWIM?!

    I just went thru the whole Coach website and here are my idea's. I did put some thought into this!

    #1 $498.00 Style#15405 Hamptons XL leather hobo in walnut w/ brass hardware
    *** The reason for this pick is it's an absolute CLASSIC and I'd be willing to bet Emily may even have one herself! The walnut leather is to die for, and will only look better with age! The Hamptons collection has a rep for gorgeous classic pieces that you can carry forever. So long as you plan on leaving your old edgy self behind this would be a GREAT pick for you!!! Not to mention the shoulder AND crossbody carry option!!!

    #2 $398.00 Style#15276 Embossed Studded leather Alexandra in bronze w/ brass hardware
    ***This bag is gorgeous, has two options for carry as a satchel and as a shoulder bag! The bronze is a new neutral and you'll even be able to pull it off with black since it's not brown. I think this bag would be great because the studs still add a touch of edge, yet it can be described as a "pretty" bag. This would keep you covered incase you decide everything around you is just getting TOO pretty!!!

    #3 $598.00 Style#14601 Madison embossed carryall in grey with silver hardware
    *** I picked this one because I think it's a winner ALL AROUND! It's grey so you won't be limited as to what you can carry it with outfit wise. What dosen't go with grey?! It's large which you wanted and has structure! The best part is that it the chain that the shoulder strap is woven thru totally takes away ANY "corporate" look the bag may have due to it's size and shape!!!

    I don't know if you have a set price range, so I picked one for $398, $498 & $598.00.
    I can't wait to see what you pick! Make sure you take whatever you decide on home, put your things in it and carry it around the house if you have ANY doubt!!! Sometimes you just KNOW, but just incase give yourself some time to be sure before you clip the tags and take your new beauty for a stroll!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  5. Being specific isn't bad at all!! If anything it will keep you from getting things you're on the fence about :biggrin: That's more $$ in your pocket for other things.

    I really like lovecoachmore's selections, but specifically the Hamptons XL Leather hobo. It fits the description you posted originally so hopefully you'll like it! Don't let the "XL" fool you. It is bigger, but it's not overwhelming. I'm considering one for myself in a 'break-out' color than my traditional black.
  6. thank you so very much,youre an angel.
    you know i dont usually invest in wardrobe changes but i believe accessories,specially handbags and shoes are what you can hold on to even if you change your style time after time.
    i went through a phase where i felt comfortable in all black with no splash of color ( zoro much? )then i woke up one day and thought wow,i have nothing to wear and i have a closet full of cloths,im starting to understand the value of color regardless of the style.
    i think alexandra in bronze and hamptons are possible winners,you read my mind,i love how Alexandra can be used as both satchel and a shoulder bag.
    thank you TEN BILLION TIMES:yahoo:
    may fashion gods bless you