Help me with my first Tano!

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm new here and I am really trying to figure out which Tano is best for me.

    I really want Blueberry--I would prefer something with a longer shoulder drop. I am oogling over the sex bomb, however the straps are really short. Any advice?
  2. Hey GatorMommy! It's Momto2 from the PR! Nice to see you over here! I am :drool: over the blueberry sex bomb too! I have the getting warmer and love love it! Good luck with your search. I know these ladies can help you find the perfect bag!!
  3. Sex Bomb straps are short. :yes:

    What about a Minilisa? And they are on sale at MHB in blueberry! :graucho:

  4. Well, I was going to suggest the Getting Warmer or the Ready Steady but MHB is out of the blueberry. How about the Pleasuredome or the Minilisa?
  5. Do you want something monochromatic or are you OK with contrasting straps?
  6. ITA with the minilisa vote! Another nice blue choice might be the baroque beauty in sapphire (more muted color though) but the bag is super comfy!
  7. The Minilisa is a really nice bag! I am huge Getting Warmer pusher, but it looks like that's sold out at MHB. Bumskies!
  8. I don't mind the two tones...nor do I care if it's monochromatic! I just really want one in blueberry! I thought about the Getting Warmer, but it's no longer available at musthavebags.

    Is there a site that accepts discount codes? :smile:
  9. Must Have Bags offers a 10% discount to TPFers! However, it not valid on sale items.
  10. Gads, blueberry has gotten really scarce! Thatsourbag still has the Getting Warmer in blueberry but it is full price and I don't know of any discount codes that they accept. MHB still has the bluberry minilisa available and the blueberry sexbomb. Why not try the sexbomb and return it if the strap drop isn't to your liking? MHB has a great return policy!
  11. The sex bomb is the bag that first attracted me to the Tano brand. I looked for some IRL pics, but there weren't many in that large thread of pics! :smile: Does anyone have any they would mind sharing? Also, what is the code for musthavebags, can anyone share?
  12. You don't need a code for MHB, just email/call with your TPF ID after you place an order!

    There should be pics of my tango red sexbomb and black crunch sexbomb on the forum as well.... I'll see if I can dig them up!
  13. And here's an horrible craptastic modeling pic that may give you some indication of the drop (yes, I'm a shorty)