Help me with my first MbMJ

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  1. I just bought a Totally Turnlock Mimi in the light grey Slate colour. I totally love the bag but I have read many things about the bag's colour bleeding. Also I have heard that these bags are not that durable. Can any of you help me with this. I have one week to return if need be. Thanks!:confused1:
  2. Sorry, my mistake...the colour is Stone.
  3. Do you mean that dark colored clothing will get dye on your bag?
  4. Well, I hadn't thought about that but i am curious as to that as well. What I meant was that I read about the colour bleeding out of certain areas when the bag was caught in the rain even though it had been protected. I live in Vancouver, BC and it rains almost every day in the winter so this wouldn't be practical for me if it were true. Is this common with these bags or do you think the person who posted that simply had a defective bag. I'm curious as to your responses. Thanks!
  5. I'm sorry, don't know, my bag is chalk colored so no bleeding. Hopefully someone will come along who can help you.