help me with my first Chanel... black or beige

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  1. I wanted to get PST for my very first chanel bag.. and I was informed that the silver h/ware is a seasonal collection.. they only have PST black caviar with gold h/ware...

    now I cant decide...

    should I get the black caviar with gold h/ware or shld i get beige with gold h/ware... beige with gold h/ware look more nicer than the black with gold h/ware...

    but i never have a black bag.. i really want a black bag... do you think pst black caviar with gold h/ware is OK for me... I think gold is too bling bling... i'm a simple girl...

  2. I think you definitely need to have a black bag! You can wear it with everything... And black caviar with gold h/w is such a classic. It'll last forever!
  3. i would search for a black one w/shw. i believe u have more chance to use it. try to call the boutique, they maybe able to locate one for u!!!
    but if u really need to choose from what u mentioned above, my vote goes to the black one la if u need a black bag. :P
  4. Dear ladies, I need the same sort of advice - I'm about to start my Chanel collection, and my current wishlist in order of priority is:
    1. Cerf tote bag black (for work)
    2. Classic flap medium black lambskin (for evening)
    3. Cerf tote bag beige (alternative for work, when I wear lighter colour shoes)
    4. Classic flap medium red lambskin (maybe caviar, I'm not sure) (I wear a lot of red)
    5. Classic flap medium white caviar

    Does this make sense to you, ladies - I think with this I've covered all my basic needs?
  5. search for black and silver, I think you will like it more and want to wear it more. I just got a pst in off white white with silver after returning the beige clair pst with gold due to a small hole on the side. Although beige clair is something that i have been dying to have i am just not a gold person and although everyone says to mix your metals in the end i opted for the off white and i know i will use it. I will wait till i can get my hands on a beige clair with silver because that's what i truly want.
  6. I would definitley keep the search going for the black w/ SHW. I had a beige caviar jumbo (sold it) which was gorgeous but given I wear a lot of denim/dark clothing, I had color transfer problems. Good luck!
  7. Black
  8. Another vote for black!
  9. yeah i think you should get a black first followed by the beige!
  10. Black first!
  11. Another vote for black.
  12. Black with silver will be perfect for you.
  13. black with GH, classic!
  14. black first! try to find it w/ SHW :smile: gl!
  15. Definitely black ... gold hardware with black is so classic Chanel but it sounds you have your heart set on silver.