help me with my final Chanel purchase!

  1. I am a 34 year old mum of 3 kids. I have bought myself a medium black distressed hybrid flap, a vintage jumbo black with gold h/w and a coral e/w lambskin with gold h/w. You guys have been such a great help that I wanted to ask you again.
    I have decided that a tote, or larger sized bag would make a great final addition to my family. :p Now comes the dilemma...
    I think the GST too boxy, the PST a bit small, and I don't quite like the timeless classic tote. :confused1:
    I've narrowed it down to either the expandable flap in off white or the baby cabas in white (or shold I get black...would lie a colour).
    What do you all think?
    And any other suggestions would be appreciated.....
  2. All your bags sound structured and the expandable will be as well (its a gorgeous bag though) so I would say you seem to like the structure go for that. If you want to venture into something diff then the cabas is a completely different shape and not structured at all so it could look very diff on you.

    Good luck with your decision and let us know what you decide
  3. I would say the expandable flap in off white. That would give you the light color, but is a bit more forgiving than white for the mom with kids thing. (Spoken by a mom with kids and Chanel's) :smile:
  4. or if you could track down an expandable in red, that would complement your already lovely collection beautifully :smile:

    I love the expandable, so thats my vote, going on what you already have
  5. How about a baby cabas in Khaki? I have one and it is so easy to match.
  6. I would recommend either a red exp. flap, khaki (bronze) baby cabas, or a chocolate or beige cerf tote.
  7. Khaki cabas has my vote!
  8. I love the expandable flaps. That gets my vote!
  9. the expandable flap
  10. I also vote for the explandable flap
  11. I love the expandable flap or the expandable tote in the dark white. Chanel Ala Moana still has both. :yes:
  12. Expandable.
  13. Looks like you already have quite a few structured bags. Hmmm, for your next Chanel, I would recommend Baby Cabas in white, or black, or khaki, which is a less structured (but durable) bag. In fact, I also like my white Baby Cabas very much since it is versatile, convenient and durable. In addition, adding a less structured bag like Baby Cabas also gives your collection a wider variety. :tup: