Help me with my dilemma! H or diamonds..

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Black Kelly or Eternity Ring?

  1. Black Kelly

  2. Eternity ring

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  1. I have just started building up a relationship with an SA at my local Hermes, and bought my very first B last December. That was my holy grail bag - a gold togo B 35 with GHW, and I thought I was bag content for a while at least.

    As I'm sure all of you know far better than me, H is a slippery slope and it wasn't too long before I sent my SA an updated wishlist - a Kelly and a Kelly cut in a bright pop/pastel colour. Just yesterday, my SA texted me, offering me a black Kelly 32. He said he knew it wasn't exactly on my wishlist, but that it was a classic piece every woman should have in her closet.

    Now I'm not sure what to do - I know that a black Kelly is super classic and chic, but in my heart I think it's still slightly too old for me (I'm 26), and when I envision my ideal black bag with GHW I still picture a Chanel Jumbo/Maxi classic flap, rather than a Kelly. I also have many other black bags, including a BV convertible, a Chanel GST and a Chanel M/L classic flap and reissue 225. I love my gold birkin and decided that I wanted my next H to be in one of the rich colours that they do so well.

    I also promised myself this year that I would try to focus less on bags and more on other areas of my closet, so I've been saving up for a classic emerald cut eternity band with fairly large (about 0.6 carats each) stones. This is quite a bit more expensive than the kelly, but I am at the point where I can afford it, but not the kelly as well - so it's still a choice between the two.

    I'me not worried about the relationship with the SA, since I've decided to buy the bag anyway - my father in law has been looking for one for my mother in law, so I can buy it for him if not to keep myself.

    So while my heart is set on my ring, I'm just worried that a few months from now, I will really regret not getting the black Kelly while I had the chance, since I know it's classic and I'll never get tired of it. I also know that I'll be able to save up for the ring again and buy it at a later point, but what if I never get another chance at a black Kelly??

    I would really appreciate advice from all of you! TIA!
  2. I always say no to diamonds since their value is inflated by the diamond monopoly and you'll never be able to sell it back for anything near what you paid. If it were another gemstone I might think differently but in this case my vote is with the Kelly.
  3. Get the black Kelly. It's a classic. Diamonds are more readily available than Birkins & Kellys. Good luck with your choice 😁
  4. I'm a diamond nerd, so personally, I'd go with the diamonds.
  5. I would turn down the black Kelly (it is not what you are looking for and can always be requested years later if you change your mind), pass on the diamonds which you can buy at any time, and hold out for the Kelly that you really want.

    If you turn down this one, your SA will probably offer you something else soon.

    And your SA will also likely realize if you buy the bag for someone else and could mark you as a reseller. This is more damaging to a relationship than turning down an offer I'd think...
  6. I didn't ask for it, but I was offered a black Kelly 28 GHW during my last trip to visit my SA. I wasn't sure how I felt about it bc I wanted a B30 but when I saw it IRL, I fell in LOVE! Best black bag ever. Go see it. I assure you, u will keep it.
  7. I am kicking myself because i turned down a black kelly sellier 28 ghw...i turned it down because it was epsom...but i think most selliers now are epsom. Is yours retourne or sellier??? I have been waiting years for a kelly 28....hugely regretful
  8. I would go for the diamonds first as that is what you had in mind. Plus you can wear the diamond with your b together

    But if you get the Kelly unless you want to rock both bags simultaneously, it's unlikely that you can wear them out together

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  9. My K28 is in my avatar... Togo retourne. Never thought I'd love retourne. I'm not exaggerating... I LOVE THIS BAG!

    Yes, Sellier is mostly epsom right now. I have an epsom B30 in soufre and while epsom is not my favorite leather, it has very good qualities about it and I have no regrets (also in my avatar).

    I think a black sellier Kelly 28 is a winner. But you have many bags... another will come along....U don't like epsom so don't feel bad about your decsions....
  10. personally, i believe everyone is different and you should follow what you really want.
    if you change your mind in the future, you can always request it later. i don't think it is as hard these days to get a B or K anymore. other bags as well. with the poor economy plus the added artisans, H bags are not as hard to get.

    follow your heart. dont buy it just because your SA says you should. they will not get upset since they can simply offer it to someone else. and then they will offer you the bag that is really on your wishlist. if you get this bag, it might take a longer time to get the K that is on your wishlist.

    if you are saving up for some jewelry, get the jewelry. a girl needs a good balance between jewelry and bags :smile:
  11. I agree I'm not terribly into the black Kelly. They have such great colours. It might be a classic but so is the Chanel in black. I think jewellery is great too. I think everything in your closet should be things you love.
  12. I have a bag in epsom...constance elan which i looooooovvvveeeee....gorgeous bag!! So i have no issues with epsom...i really wanted a retorne kelly...congrats on yours! A classic beauty!!
  13. Get both
    Diamonds first
    And wait for your ideal k patiently
    It won't be long since you got fantastic sa
    However on side note
    With your sparking diamonds and h black bag is essential for h fanatics haha
    Maybe one day you will let go all other back non h bags?
    Why you need them
    When you got top notch hermes hehe
  14. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  15. Totally agree! H makes such amazing colors that I am not that into black either...

    Vote for declining the black kelly and waiting for a K28 in a pop color!
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