Help me with my decision! Chanel V.S. Bogetta Veneta

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  1. Dear all,
    Please help me with my decision.

    I was offered a chance to buy this bag by Bogetta Veneta
    <credit: bv>
    and the silver Chanel cavair tote.
    (sorry, don't have a picture..)

    Which one should I go for?

    I know some might think they look like something from the west, but since I look at it in a different perspective as something very romantic and girly and young(??) which I think suits me. But I also have this bag
    in off white and I am really confused...!

    Which one should I go for? I like them both...!
  2. I LOVE them both! The BV seems like a dressier bag and the Chanel tote is more of an everyday bag. Do you need one more than the other in terms of bag style? It's a tough choice. Let us know what you decide.
  3. The link to BV's photo doesn't work....
  4. That's a real tough decision. I think BV and Chanel are on the same level of quality. Personally I'm over metallic leathers, so I would go for the BV.
  5. I like them both but I like the Chanel.
  6. Thank you all that helped!!
    I have the BV bag posted on the purseblog and I am just wondering if I should get another one in similar style. Does the link not work? I don't know how to get the pics down the site. It's the bag on the left handside in yellow on page 7.
    I love that BV style so much but I just am not sure if I should shed out another thousands of money on a big with similar style. The one I already have is the tote style, and this is my favorite, doctor's bag!!!

    But I also love the Chanel...the SA is holding the last one in Asia for me and in fact, the BV doctor's style is the only one in Hong Kong that my SA asked the buyer to get one for me(they were not voing to carry this style). Both are good. I wish the BV bag came later you know and now I am just torned....!

    The question is really can I justify buying two bags in one same series...! argh, but that Chanel tote is dream-like!

    Everyone, please help. :'(
  7. I think it's OK to have two bags in the same series, if you really love that series.
  8. The link works, you have to choose your country and the bag pops up.
    I prefer the Chanel.
  9. What country am I suppose to look?
  10. IMO, the BV is too fussy and overdone for my taste. I'd go with the Chanel. I bet you'd get more use out of it. and if you're worried about metallics being over, you can always get it in another color like white
  11. Is it this bag ?

  12. united states worked for me
  13. If that is then I like the BV. Does anyoen has the chanel so I can compare??:smile:
  14. Eh..if it is the same with cristina chanel caviar tote then I got the idea. I love both! But I think that BV bag that ayla pointed is to die for bag! Love love!!
  15. Chanel all the way!