Help Me With My Addiction....

  1. but don't send me to a 12 step program!!!!!!

    I am totally addicted to the wearable art of the Hermes scarves. I usually buy the pochettes and twillys (not wearing the twillys as much, just an addict and I LOVE the cute little boxes). Anyway, I am looking for LES TOITS de PARIS in the 01 (blue) colorway and I need to find it NOW! is closed for the weekend. Has ANYONE seen this in your store? Please, please, please help me. I know - I am a serious addict. I don't deny that. I am also OCD but that is a different issue altogether.

    Also (Hello2703 might be able to help with this one), I am in love with Bex's AXIX MUNDI in apricot. I don't even know where to begin looking for that one. I don't know the year of it. (Bex, if you ever want to sell........)


    (btw if this is posted in the wrong place, I am sorry. New to this forum....been lurking a while though)
  2. oh dear god lol.. i can feel your pain.. which year is this scarf u r looking for?? just trying to see if i can help :smile:
  3. The first one is from this year. F/W 2006. The second one, ah that is the question. What year.......
  4. htj Call Neiman Marcus in SF. They had one in dark blue (is that the one you're looking for? Here's the number: 415-362-3900 ask for Accessories and then the Hermes Scarf counter.

    Good luck! It was there on Friday!!!!
  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!
  6. ....but they don't open 'til noon here!!!! You have 15 more minutes!!!!
  7. D -- where did you get yours in the cream colorway? At NM, or through the H store?
  8. Sure pull back the carrot. I believe that is considered abuse.
  9. HETJ...LOL!!!!!

    FUNNY...First I called the 800# and was told there was one left and it was in las Vegas. Then I called my SA and told her where it was (oiy vey....) and she had it sent here to SF. I get to do most of my own leg-work around least then I know it gets DONE!!!! LOL!!!
  10. HETJ just out of curiosity, how many scarves do you have? I have 12 and I'm thinking that's too many......but I can't help myself and keep seeing ones I have to have!!!!
  11. :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame:

    Okay I'll fess up, not that many. But keep in mind I have only been at this one month.

    Pochettes-5 (I just talked myself out of 1)
    Twillys-2 (I just talked myself out of 1)
    Scarf rings-1
    Twilly scarf rings- 2 sets

    Isn't that sad. One month and that is all I have. :s
  12. LOL!!!! Well, never fear.......pretty soon you'll be wondering how to store all the ones you'll wind up buying!!!!! Get the Les Toits des Paris in the was gorgeous!!!!!!
  13. Shopmom

    I plan on it. It will be my first "real" scarf.

    Besides, I see how slowly you started:lol: . I'll try and catch up.

    Now to find the Axis Mundi.

    Thanks for the information. just wasn't answering today.
  14. HI! We feel your pain but most of us are just as addicted and can't be of much help for that!! hehe

    Anyway, I think South Coast Plaza had the Les Toits in the blue
  15. I realize the numbers are a little pathetic comparatively speaking (ahem), but to show how far I've gone, I had my hair cut in a short, sassy way to accentuate the scarves. How is THAT for addiction?