Help me with my 3rd Chanel...

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  1. hello uol
    I already have PST(black ghw) and Jumbo(black shw)... I'm think of having GST or reissue for my 3rd bag.

    1. If I go for GST, wht color shld I get? any suggestion? I dont like the beige, look like old lady

    2. If I were to get the reissue, wht option do I have, since I'm not so familiar with reissue, may be reissue expert can tell me about it. it is a classic collection right? wht color normally they have... or shld I go for chevron instead of reissue?

    3. actually its just a matter of time, soon or later I will get both... but which one shld I buy first? the GST or reissue???...

    thank u... love uol
  2. both are classics, so they will always be there.
    in terms of colours, if you don't want to go with the classic colours, there are other gorgeous colours available, like red and blue in the GST.
    i'd say go and try them on in the store and which ever captures your heart, go for it!
    good luck and happy shopping.
  3. thks PenelopeB...
  4. I love the red GST. It modernizes it in my opinion. The blue too, but I find this harder to wear.
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    If you'll eventually get both GST and reissue, I suggest get reissue NOW asap!!! The price of reissue flap is insane right now and it will keep going up and up...the basic color is black and beige I believe. I prefer reissue flap over classic flap anytime... it's rly a true classic, jmo. Chevron is a nice bag too but btwn these two, I would get the reissue. I think u should look at the ecru reissue, it's a nice color and u def dun need another black bag.

    U said you dun like beige, how about the beige clair w/ ghw? It's TDF and I dun think beige clair is "old" looking... it would add a nice color to your collection ;)

    Maybe a red, blue, white, or beige clair GST? HTH & GL!
  6. I agree with kylienarak about getting the reissue bc of the heavier flap price increases.

    And if you don't have a red bag my vote is for a red GST. My heart is set on a blue one bc I have a red chanel flap.
  7. Good point!
  8. thanks kylienarak... u got point there... yes I do think, better for me to get the reissue first.. since the price for the flap keep on increasing... then get the GST for my 4th chanel bag..

    I've been thinking about red GST VS black GST... but red has many tone/color for chanel right? I do love red...

    reissue greyish color look good to me too... may be i start browsing reissue color, so I can decide wht color suit me...

    thanks everyone! love ya
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    yeah definitely reissue then gst
    think about the price increases ouch!
    I am not a fan of the reissue BUT there is one that i love love love
    the Matte Black Distressed reissue with GHW
    it is the MOST BEAUTIFUL yum yum yum
    but that is my oppinion = p lol
  10. reissues are harder to come by so I say get that first. I want one in red but depends on your style

    I also want a black gst so i don't know if i'm much help haha
  11. reisuses! I am falling deeper in love with the bag.

    Grey reissues look fab too! you might want to consider that.
  12. yup.. will print reissue pix and see which one nicer... :smile:.. that will be on top of my wishlist next year!
  13. ITW agreed with kylienarak!

    Price increases are insane!

  14. yup.. i hate the new price...