Help me with measurements on large Ergo hobo??

  1. I want to buy the large Ergo hobo but when I look at them on eBay - especially # 10741 I find these two following measurements:

    17" x 11" x 4" with approximately 8.5" drop


    19" x 13" x 6" with approximately 12" drop

    Can someone please tell me which measurement is correct?? I want the larger one but not sure if that is #10741 or not??

    Thank you!!!
  2. The large hobo as listed on says:

    24” strap
    12 1/4” drop
    19 1/2 (L) x 13 1/2 (H) x 6 (W)
    So, it looks like that's the one you are after!
  3. however i have not seen those measurements associated with #10741, all the Ergo's i checked out started with 112.
  4. 10741 is a discontinued one -- looking for a camel, black or turquoise one in leather.

    They were in the outlets just recently! I know a lot of y'all bought one so hoping someone can check the measurements of their bag! :flowers:
  5. My large turquoise Ergo hobo, # 10741, measures approximately 17" wide, 11-12" high (not including the strap), and has a 7-9" drop depending on if you are measuring it on the table or carrying it when it is full.
  6. Thanks so much! I just have to figure out which one is the larger one now!