Help me with leather protector

  1. O.K. so I didn't get the Wilson's TLC but I was at Target and I picked up Kiwi "Protect-All" it says it's for fine leather and all color safe. I just want to make sure it will be O.K. before I spray it on my new Red Elisha! :confused1: Thanks!!
  2. I don't know.. I don't trust anything but Wilson's, or that stuff. You can order it online?? I have to order some also and I'm procrastinating for some reason.. Do you love the red Elisha???
  3. I don't know why, but I am procrastinating too...
    I LOVE the red Elisha, that color is so cool! I like the size of the bag too.:jammin:

  4. I've only used the TLC, so sorry!

    But I'd bet the chemicals are all the same. Just test it before doing the whole bag, (like in the inside), just to make sure there isn't a color change.

    It's kind of like hair-coloring. We're supposed to do test strands, but I usually just go for time to mess around. :p

    But my hair isn't as expensive as a handbag, so I WOULD test it, lol!
  5. I was thinking that...I bet the chemicals are the same! You know?! Whew..ok this stuff makes me nervous!! Thanks!

  6. Hey all!!

    My red Elisha arrived last week and I have also been procrastinating. I saw the Kiwi brand at walmart but have been to scared put anything but Wilson's on it. I was actually planning on making a special trip to the Wilson's store which is about an hour away from me, plus have a little retail therapy at some of my other favorite stores.

    Anyways congrats on everyone else's purchases. I am curious to know if (or how well) the Kiwi protectant works!

  7. Just be really careful with what you use and always test it on an inconspicuous area. I got Lovinmybag Ultimate Moisturizer and put it on my jade Lucy and it splotched somewhat and the top panels on the side turned a lighter shade!:wtf: They said that the moisturizer is "cosmetic grade" and could be applied with your hands so I didn't think it would be a problem. Barbara at Lovinmybags was quite nice about it and said I could send it to them and they'd try to correct it. She also said that the way Kooba processes and dyes their leather makes them very difficult to work with for some reason!
  8. I also have a question- I recently bought Wilsons leather cleaner but am paranoid to use it. I have a embossed sienna, a black paige, and a terraine carla. can u put wilsons on all bags or only SOME koobas???:confused1:
  9. I put Wilson's on every single bag I own except my Balenciaga. I've never had a bad reaction. Now on moisturizers you have to be careful. They aren't good for all bags and untreated leathers can darken from it. I would always test a moisturizer.
  10. Be careful! Make sure you test on an inconspicuous area first before cleaning the rest of the bag. I don't have an Elisha but I do have a Marcelle, Keira, and Ginger and my Keira didn't really like the saddle soap that worked with the Marcelle. Fortunately it didn't do any damage but I thought it would have a dark spot forever! Listen to the ladies here and consider also the Apple Guard/Leather Care and Collonil. I used those on my Chanel and Fendi and they didn't hurt it one bit!
  11. I ruined a Botkier bag with Saddle soap before I knew better. Barbara at LMB told me saddle soap is no way no how good for purses and should never be used. Saddles are such a different leather than purses.
  12. Yeah, I wished I knew that before too *sigh*. Now it's only Apple Guard and Collonil for me. I'll also check out that Wilsons' Leather stuff you guys were talking about if ya'll say it's good...
  13. Will the Wilsons TLC stuff work on lambskin?
  14. I don't have any lambskin Koobas, but I have used it on lambskin Botkiers with no problems.
  15. Chinsumo.....I have used the Wilson's on my Lucy, Ada, Jillian, and Brynne....all lambskin, and it works wonderfully!! It's the first thing I do anymore. I also have the LMB products but I did notice that some of the color transfers to the sponge so it made me a little nervous. That may be normal though. Wilson's is great! :tup: