Help me with Fendi Spy~!!

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  1. Hi~ I'm new here and it looks like a great place here. :biggrin:

    I'm in a desperate need for a help~!!! I just had a baby girl last month and my husband bought me a beige colored chanel bag....cambon tote or something as a gift...but it's just too..."classy" for me. I'm more a dress-down type of tomgirl not a dress up style...So, instead I bought a Fendi spy bag....but the smaller one...(not the one most ppl know) I don't know the name of it....costs $1300 in the blue color. I really like it. It's very cute. (I have only seen it in one picture- Paris Hilton carrying one...) But now my husband is saying I should just spend the extra and buy THE SPY the one megs has... The Fendi store here has a dark brown and the honey one . I'd like the green or a blue one but it's all out..other colors look really nice too...If I get it, I'd probably get the honey color....I'm so lost.....Would this $2000+bag be really worth it....(my most exp bag is a $750 bag from LV...go figure...:wacko: )
  2. Honestly, I prefer the regular spy over the small spy. The small spy looks like an alien trying to crawl out of its shell, no offense... I just think the regular spy is so elegant!
  3. If you like it any price is worth it.
  4. Well, I never thought of the spy as a bag ppl dress down with (although you certainly can). Have you tried one on yet?
  5. keke..alien trying to crawl out of its shell....very funny! no offense taken. it actually does look like that's still it's own way. :weird:
  6. compared to the chanel bag, i think the spy bags looks cool when i dress grungy...:amuse: but the one i have is the small spy so i really dont know how the regular one will look....i didnt really look at it closely at the store cuz i thought it was out of my price range...but now that i have an option to exchange it.....ugh....dilemma.....:hrmm:
  7. Hi, I'm new to this forum but I have the Fendi Spy in Cognac and it goes with name it, jeans, tank tops, dresses (printed or otherwise) since it is kinda slouchy. ;)

    And I'm only 5"2 so size doesn't matter. I've even had women on the street who doesn't even know what a spy is come up and ask me where to get the bag! :biggrin:

    Besides, you can sling it on your shoulder and have spare hands to hold your little girl/boy rather than the Fendi Satchel (the small spy) which you have to hang on your elbow.:amuse:
  8. does anyone have a pic of the small spy?
  9. Does anyone have the dimensions of a small spy vs. a regular spy? I'm quite petite, 5'0, and worry that a regular spy would overwhelm me. I've only seen one person IRL carrying a spy and she was a tall one, at least 5'10 and her spy looked pretty big. Is there a large spy, also? I soooo want this bag :love:
  10. MK and Ashley Olsen are small and short , and they seem to carry the spy bag well, I dont think the bag is too big for anyone.
  11. Few pictures of the small spy bag that I have....

    it's called the BAULOTTO SPY PICCOLO NAPA

    i think this bag is really cute and i love the color but i'll prob exchange it to THE spy bag....(6 days left to make up my mind..:smile: )

    ...and a picture of the chanel bag i'm gonna return....wouldnt it be nice to keep them all~ keke :idea:

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  12. Do you know where I can look at pix w/ them carrying the spy? TIA Madeline.
  13. they're so cute~!!!! (olsens and the bag...:nuts: ) i love the color of this spy bag....fendi has this in store...but $ exp....

    i think it depends on how u "carry" the bag....not how big/small ur...i'm afraid i wont look as fashionable as they are when i carry one...:suspiciou

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  14. I wouldnt take to long to make up your mind, they may sell the bag you are considering. It seems like you are having doubts about this bag, so you get the other, you dont want to regret your decision. But I think yours now is so cute, but if you feel the regular spy is better for you- go get it! Let us know what you decide.
  15. I love your mini-spy....but, I tend to like small to mid-size bags.

    Do whatever is going to make you happy. With a new baby you may want the extra room a larger spy would give you.

    The Chanel bag is timeless; but, I am with you - I prefer a little more funky.