Help me with decision between two handbags, please.

  1. All your comments on these particular bags are greatly appreciated. I am really torn...:nuts: Both are by GFerre

  2. hi! i like the larger one!
  3. I love the black one.

    What bag is that?
  4. I like the small one better. Style wise. Unless its too small for your need.
  5. I like the larger one better
  6. I like the larger one, too.
  7. Another vote for the larger one.
  8. large for me! :smile:
  9. Large, and Brown. 'Nuff said.
  10. the black one. I like the kiss-lock closure...very lady-like.
  11. I too gravitate towards the black one. I like the way the handles are placed and I agree with BrownPaperBag that the clasp is a very nice touch!
  12. larger
  13. Large Brown --- the black has a little too much going on with the kiss lock, the studs and the push locks on the pockets.
    Good luck on your decision.
  14. I'm lovin' the whip stitching on the big brown one!
  15. the smaller one seems more interesting in it's overall design, but which size fits your needs? one is considerably bigger than the other...